9 Best Gold Spray Paints 2022: Perfect for Plastic, Jewelry & Light Fixtures

The gold color is one of the enchanting, ravishing, and desirable colors entire the world. Unfortunately, we can’t cover our goods with gold, but we can color up them and give them a look of gold. For this purpose, you have to choose some trustworthy and honorable best gold spray paints.

Lamentably, sometimes people unable to find perfect gold paint for them because of a lack of proper information. As for this, I also create a helpful buying guide for you.

9 best gold spray paints reviews

As you know, gold spray paint is the shiniest and brightest color paint to use on several objects. Probably, we use gold color on our decorative, artificial goods, and also automotive items.

Therefore, with these best gold spray paints, you can color your furniture, metal products, jewelry, and other things. After applying these colors your goods will look more attractive and eye-catchy.

1. Krylon K05588007 COLOR Maxx Spray Paint

Krylon COLOR Maxx Paint

Krylon paint is one of the decorated and garnishing paint worldwide. It is a top-rated and spectacular paint, which is suitable for any kind of object to be painted.

For Authentic and reliable paint I can suggest this color Maxx spray paint proudly. This paint has over 75 colors, including oil rubbed bronze, rose gold, satin silver, and more.

A total of 8 styles of paints are available such as metallic, gloss, semi-flat, and more. The incredible part is; it will not take more than 10 minutes to be dry.

For the shiniest and durable finish Krylon color Maxx is the ideal one. Also, it is nonpareil with any kinds of indoor and outdoor goods. Such as furniture, accessories, crafts, decor, and your metal vehicle items.
Spray nozzle comes in a very convenient style because its big button spray tip is so comfortable to use. It doesn’t matter where you want to use it; remember which style of paint you want to have and what types of objects you want to paint.

Because metallic colors are suitable for only metal, furniture, and artificial items. Rather, paper and fabric; you will need other specific styles to paint like flat and matte.


  • Very high epitome paint to use
  • The spray nozzle is pretty great
  • Price isn’t so expensive
  • Best metallic paint ever


  • Flat style paint isn’t so durable

2. Dupli-Color DE1604 Ceramic Universal Gold Engine Paint

Dupli-Color Ceramic Gold Engine Paint

Not every paint delivers universal and exemplary type paint except Dupli color DE1604. I asked lots of experts about this universal gold paint and then I got some standard features about it.

First of all, you can have this paint in 29 various colors some unique colors like Daytona yellow, Cummins beige, Chrysler crop blue, and countless. With one specific spray can you will get a minimum 12 oz. paint. As for this amount of paint you can paint your objects effortlessly.

Dupli-color gold paint is made of durable ceramic formulation, which ensures flawless paints. We always want a super idealistic finish but a few paints can deliver that. Indeed, Dupli color is the best one for a superior high gloss finish.

For your better convenience, the EZ touch nozzle is adjusted with the spray paint can. The most beautiful part is; this durable paint can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m pretty sure only 10% of paint can resist this kind of temperature. For resist instance, you can use this paint on your car rims, engine blocks, and engine accessories, which always attached to heats.

Also, it can resist oil and other automotive fluids. Particularly, this paint will not blister, flake, crack, or peel out. It dries within 30 minutes after applying the paint.


  • Superb paint for engine accessories
  • Unbelievable heat resistance paint
  • Multiple unique colors available to choose
  • Very convenient nozzle adjusted


  • Price is little average high

3. Rust-Oleum 1910830 Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

Rust-oleum is a worldwide and most trustworthy spray paint to buy. In my consideration, rust oleum 1910830 is the best gold spray paint for metal and provides shiny gold spray.

Usually, this consummate paint is available in four various colors such as gold, silver, copper, and brush. If you are searching for the best-brushed gold spray, then this one is heavily favored for you.

After applying the paint on your wood, metal, plaster, wicker, you will comprehend how rich and elegant colors it supplies.

Actual metal flakes are added in this paint formula; that’s why it helps the objects to looks ultra-bright and shiny metal aspect. It can cover up to 12 square feet area with its one spray can and it is best for quick projects.

Because your paint will be dried within 1 hour properly and for the first touch, it will take 15 minutes. Remember, leafing metallic colors are only for interior parts and do not apply the clear topcoat because it will dull your paint.
Rust-oleum spray is quite acceptable to use on picture frames, candleholders, custom holiday decorations, and especially scrapbook projects.


  • The paint formula is superb authentic
  • Best ever shiny and bright color paint
  • Covering limit so satisfactory
  • Price is too low cost


  • Isn’t more suitable for outdoor goods

4. Krylon K01000A07 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

Krylon Premium Metallic Paint

Only premium and rich spray paint colors can make your goods attractive and pulchritudinous. I have a tremendous premium metallic spray paint that is pure and delivers shiny paint, Krylon K01000A07.

In this spray paint, 8 different colors are available to buy those are; plum purple, gold foil, copper brilliance, and more. The fascinating part of this paint is; after applying the gold paint, your objects will look like 18 Karat Gold Plate. This is unreal and I think for flourish this is the best gold furniture spray paint ever you saw.

Like its colors and formula, it ensures a high-quality metallic finish on the goods. A deep lustrous finish resembles the actual plating of this paint. Also, this paint is a masterpiece for a smooth and high-gloss finish.

Specifically, this metallic spray paint is entirely adjustable with any things but superb for decorative accessories, picture frames, crafts, vases, lamps, and jewelry. This paint is super quick to dry spray paint because it will take only 10 minutes to be dried thoroughly. Overall, the features and the component are pretty admirable and worthy.


  • Super-quick dry paint
  • High-level brandish color paint
  • Usable on each-single objects
  • Multiple colors available to choose


  • Price is higher instead of paint quantity

5. Rust-Oleum 245221 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Paint

Talk about best surface covers spray paint, rust-Oleum 245221 always be my first choice. I admire this one because there have some quality reasons. Not every spray paint can deliver purest and demonstrates surface paint. In this case, you must try out this antique gold spray paint.

This paint ensures quality and it can reach virtually wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, concrete, wicker, and vinyl surfaces easily. Rust-oleum paint made with oil-based formula so it can prevent outside abnormal objects.
Literally, because of its incredible finish, it can reduce rust, and can resist fading and chipping for the long term.
As for its oil-based formula, it will take only 30 minutes to dry up fully. 11 oz. paint you will get in the spray can and with it you can cover up to 15 square feet easily.

For keeping enhanced durability for a long time, it can prevent rust and corrosion facilely. As for its shiny gold spray paint instance, it will deliver attractive, rich, shimmering metallic colors on your objects. One more thing; over 15 various colors are available for you.


  • Reliable for pure paint
  • Covering paint limit is quite great
  • Price is under budget
  • Multiple colors are available


  • The nozzle could create trouble while painting

6. Krylon K15151002 Color Master Gold spray paint

Krylon Gold Paint

Paint + primer two-in-one spray paint is very beneficial and worthy to use for beginners. Sometimes spray paint beginners and armatures face countless problems because they don’t know the proper use of primer and paint.
As for them, I think Krylon K15151002 Color Master will be the best gold paint. Fifty plus colors are available and 8 different types of style are obtainable such as primer, matte, satin, and more. Unfortunately, this paint isn’t adequate for outdoor objects rather superb for indoor objects.

For a brilliant metallic finish, you won’t find the second one instead of it. Wood, metal, wicker, plastic, artificial goods are heavily acceptable with this spray paint. In one Krylon metallic gold spray paint, you will get up to 12 oz. paint and you can cover up to 15-16 square foot area with it.

For your better convenience with a spray tip, an EZ nozzle is added to the can. Advantageously, it’s highly scratch-proof paint. It provides a rapid time dry up a limit that is 15 minutes for first touch and 30 minutes for wholly dry.


  • Enough amount of paint to cover any objects
  • Best gold paint for beginners
  • Two in one paint brings convenience
  • Faster dry-up time limit.


  • Price is a little bit higher to buy

7. Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint

Design Master Metallic Paint

If you want rich and high glossy metallic spray paint, then have a look at this one. Design master DM241 is very adapted and expedient for any kind of goods. For the best ever-fashionable and praisable paint, you should try this fabulous paint at least once.

Particularly, this paint comes in two major colors one is rose gold and the other one is limited edition. This pink gold metallic coating delivers sparkle and shine looks on the objects. For quick projects, this metallic gold spray paint is reliable because it will not take more than 20 minutes to be dry.

Craft projects holiday decorations or home decoration; this paint is a superb addition. Premium metallic paint will ensure your smooth rose gold plating finish and durability.

It is quite perfect for indoor goods instead of outdoor objects such as windows, cars, and more. Also, if you want permanent paint on your goods then I can recommend this one decently.

With 11 oz. spray paint you can cover up to 14 square foot area comfortably. Warning, it is an extremely flammable paint so avoid pressure area and heat objects.


  • Ensures the Super paint finish
  • Affordable to buy
  • Quite friendly for any kinds of objects
  • It delivers rich and premium shiny paints


  • This paint is flammable in the pressure area

8. Rust-Oleum 286564 Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Paint

Another rust oleum metallic paint, which is already, creates a processive impression. If you are looking for a dazzling and luminous paint then assuredly this metallic spray paint will be a magnificent one.

Particularly, this paint provides weather and corrosion-resistant coating, which ensures the protection of goods. You can apply this metallic spray paint to both exterior and interior surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete, masonry, and more objects.

Excellent rust prevention and durable protective coating this paint comes with oil-based formula.

A total of 8 different colors are available includes rose gold, metallic copper, metallic gold, and more. Peculiarly, it dries within 20 minutes and with 11 oz. paint you can cover your items up to 15 square feet.

It can resist your objects from abrasion, fading, and chipping expressly. Because actual metallic flakes are added to the paint formula, it provides impressively shiny and bright colors.


  • Indoor and outdoor objects suitable
  • Brilliant metallic finish
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant paint
  • Price is affordable


  • Smells is a little bit strong

9. Seymour EN-50 Hi-Tech Engine Spray Paint

Seymour Gold Spray Paint

Are you looking for gold paint for jewelry? Take a look at Seymour EN-50 spray paint. Seymour EN paint is a breakout super paint in the painting world. A total of sixteen colors are available to choose including Chrome aluminum, gloss clear, universal gold, and more.

The unique and special formula is added to this paint for a durable and pure color. In fact, coating ensures quality durability if your objects stay in various stress conditions.

Specifically, this paint is made to use on engines, transmissions, and various OEM equipment. Its heat resistance limit is quite impressive, about 300 Degrees. Also, it can resist chemicals and gas.

Overall, every single feature is quite praisable and I think it will perfectly match your objects.


  • Heat, gas, and chemical resistance
  • Multiple paint colors are available
  • Price is pretty affordable


  • It is the stiffest spray

Things to Consider before buying gold spray paint (Buyer’s Guide)

It looks worst if you purchase paint and that paint comes out fragile. Due to proper information, I have seen a lot that people can’t able to choose a perfect paint for them. Importantly, there has no alternative to a buying guide while choosing paints.

As for gold spray paint, you should consider some valuable features and components before buying. Don’t overthink but try to find these conveniences on your choosing paint.


We assure quality paint when it has the capabilities to produce a smooth and shiny surface. You shouldn’t choose dull and harsh types of paint that will be worthless for you.

Those paints which come with oil-based formula; provide the best paint on the surfaces of the objects. So before you buy any gold spray paint, make sure your paint provides a smooth surface.


Coverage limit always does matter. You won’t purchase any spray paint which can’t cover as you expect. 10-11oz. paint can cover up to 15 square foot area. If you don’t take this feature importantly, then I assure; you will not be able to do a budget-friendly paint on your items.

Therefore, consider the paint quantity and the coverage limits before you choose any matte gold spray paint.


It’s crucial to decide on the color before you choose any paints. What colors will make your property so winsome? It’s very crucial to know. If you still don’t know, ask your friends or your family member about what color you should apply to your goods.

So, think about the colors and remember only colors can make your object so enchanting.

Dry to Touch

Dry to touch means when your paint is ready to touch. Numerous spray paints don’t take so long for dry to touch. Averagely, most of the paints take only 15 minutes for dry to touch.

If you saw any paint which usually takes more time than 15-20 minutes avoid that one. Because if it takes 1 hour for the first touch; probably it will take 1 day to dried up wholly and that’s embarrassing.

Rust Prevention

Nowadays, countless paint ensures rust preventing. Some of the paints can prevent heat, rust, corrosion, dust, and more. You shouldn’t buy any kinds of spray paint that hasn’t any abilities to prevent these kinds of issues.

We both know that our goods have to pass lots of rust, dust, and dirt; especially outdoor objects. So we have to be aware that our paint can tolerate these kinds of problems too. I hope you understand.

Level of gloss

Do you know what does gloss means? Gloss is a style of paint and it brings more shininess and brightness color than any other type of paint such as metallic, satin, flat, and more.

You must buy a premium level of glossy paint because without that your goods won’t look like elegant and pleasant objects. Therefore, ask the seller that your paint has enough level of gloss.

Ease to Use

Spray paint invented so you can’t paint more efficiently than ever before. Paint with a brush is a tough job to do. Instead, spray paint is comfier to use. One more thing you have to consider the nozzle of the spray can. Try to take a demo of the nozzle before you buy gold spray paint. Also, the can size will fit on your hand or not.

FAQs on Gold Spray Paints

Can you spray paint metal gold?

In truth, you can use gold spray paint on metal, but there has some chances to peel out and flake. In this case, you have to choose a paint which is pretty friendly with metal.

I can suggest some magnificent spray paint which is very supportive of metal. Rust-Oleum 245221 and Dupli-Color DE1604 spray paint is very trustworthy to use on metals. Therefore, make sure you have metal supportive gold paint before use.

How to Spray Paint with Gold?

You must know the method of gold color spray painting because it’s essential otherwise painting won’t be worthwhile for you. Here are some crucial steps you should follow while spray paint with gold.

  • Choose a suitable gold spray paint
  • Think where you want to spray
  • Apply a design or pattern to your objects
  • Take a demo first on unusual objects
  • Use sandpaper for making your object smoother (If required)
  • Use the spray and apply multiple coats
  • Let it be dry for at least 1 hour

How do you paint metallic gold?

Using metallic gold paint isn’t so tough, but you should consider one thing, use a primer before using the gold spray. First of all, wash your goods than dry them up. After that use primer and you can apply a gold coat on it. That’s it, let it be dry wholly and you’re done.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gold spray paints is a little bit tough for me, but I did this for your convenience. Using the best gold paint for metal isn’t so tough, but you have to know the quick and genuine process. I tried to make clarify lots of things which are needed to know.

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