Best Spray Paint for Glass 2022: Most Durable Painting on Glassware

Innumerable people get confused; unfortunately, they deceived while purchasing spray paint and start thinking that spray paint isn’t suitable for glass.

In truth, spray paint always delivers very sublime and admirable paint on glass. Don’t overthink about which are the best spray paint for glass; rather look at these 5 best spray paint for glass.

For obtaining more about the best spray paint, effective buying is added for you. Also, I clarified some crucial questions and tips about spray paint on glass.

5 best spray paint for glass Reviews

How does it feel if you get the best spray paint for the glass list in one place? Obviously, it will be beneficial for you to buy.

After talking with two of the expert painters; they suggest, as these 5 paints are very advantageous to paint for glass. Then I researched a lot about these spray paints and I found these are very effective and demandable.

1. Krylon Stained Glass Paint (K09027000)

Krylon Stained Glass Paint

As you know, Krylon is one of the worthwhile and incredible brands for any kind of spray paint. Still, they are popular for their high-quality and durable paint.

Krylon stained paints for glass is literary provide a royal and rich paint on the glass. Adjustability and stability are quite good and admirable of this spray paint.

Stained glass paint is manually made from America and they include such great quality full paint on it. Basically, this spray paint is suitable for indoor decorations such as the recoat window and other glass objects.

It ensures many areas to paint easily; you can paint up to 31 square ft. with one cane. Notably, try to apply the paint when the weather temperature is 50°F-85°F. A total of 8 colors are available, some remarkable colors like royal purple, canary yellow, smoke grey, and more.

It’s translucent paint for your glass object. This glass paint delivers an average rapid dry time limit, about 30 minutes for touch. For totally dry it could take under 24 hours.

Therefore, I think you need this spray for your glass to paint because the quality and bright color will make your glass object shiny.


  • It provides lovely and attractive colors
  • Very cheap to buy
  • Suitable for every types of glass object
  • The high-quality formula includes


  • It hasn’t any refund policy

2. Design Master Premium Metallic Spray Paint (DM241)

Design Master Spray Paint

Beginners; the majority time they try to buy good-looking spray cans. For them, I want to say not only these spray paint cans look attractive but also their paints are pretty incredible. In fact, it is the best gold spray paint for glass.

If you are looking for superb and quality metallic paint, then possibly this one will be an efficient one for your several types of glass objects. You can use it for your decorated craft objects.

Master premium metallic spray paint is pink gold metallic colors, after applying the colors your plastic glass and plastic objects will look like shiny metal. As for your glass window surface, car glass and tables color will look very delightful.

It provides rapid covering spray, which dries so fast and affects a smooth and rose gold plating finish. Further, this paint is usable on wood, plaster, wicker, ceramic, plastic, metal, and plastic.

Dm241 spray paint isn’t so expensive to buy; spending little bucks, you will get up to 11oz spray, which is full of premium metallic paint.

The nozzle is quite flexible to use in any direction. In my consideration, if you are thinking about any metallic color surely you should try this spray paint at least once on your glass.


  • Pretty affordable to buy
  • It provides exact Shiny metallic colors
  • Usable for decorating goods
  • They ensure extra paint on can


  • Only available in one color

3. Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray Paint (1903830)

Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Paint

If you are a professional painter then simply you know; how well-known spray painting Rustoleum is. Also, a beginner knows the endurances and the quality of rust–oleum spray.

Frosted glass spray paint is quite processive and provides very tough colors. Two colors are available in this perfect spray paint, frosted glass, and sea glass.

With this glass paint spray, you can decorate your whole interior home. Painting is suitable for windows, mirrors, shower doors, and other objects. For vivid and luminous color this paint is so perfect for your glass. The oil-based formula ensures the etched glass look and light glass surfaces.

Unfortunately, you can cover the glass up to 7 square ft. by this point. You can complete your project quickly because it can dry the paint within 10 minutes.

Remember, if water adjusted with the glass surfaces, then this paint won’t work for you. Overall, this rust-oleum paint is pretty impressive for every glass item.

Very trustworthy and provides the impacts of elegant design and the finishes are fantastic and best for stencil and décor use. Hopefully, this spray paint is tremendous and will be worth it to you.


  • Ensure quite elegant design
  • Provides fast and rapid drying time
  • Best for interior glass painting


  • Little bit costly for 2 packs

4. Krylon Color Master Paint + Primer (K05150107)

Krylon Color Master Paint

Here is another Krylon spray paint but this one is paint + primer two in one adjustable spray paint for glass. Especially this spray is suitable for glass objects and decorative goods, but you can use it on plastic, metal, and wood objects too.

It provides unbelievable quality and stability on the glass. Because primer helps the paint to stay stickily for a long time, that’s why its demand is increasing day by day.

Krylon master paint is dazzling and appropriate for several types of indoor and outdoor projects. For your glass window, bathroom glass, and glass decorative goods, this paint + primer are pertinent and eligible. The best part of this paint is it will not take more than 10 minutes to be dry.

Possibly, you can finish your painting rapidly within your final time limit. Uniquely, this spray comes with durable cover max technology, which ensures a more durable and premium light color on your glasses.

So, the features are quite impressive and elegant as the spray painting glass. Numerous people tried this paint and they found it positively.

So, I assure you of its quality and stable shiny color. When you apply this color to your items, it will look very fantastic and attractive.


  • Super-fast drying limit
  • Very glossy and shiny colors
  • Best for glass and other objects for paint
  • Very cheap and affordable


  • Paint could be dried sickly

5. Krylon Looking Glass Silver spray paint

Krylon Looking Glass paint

I have seen so many featured spray paint but unless this one. Incredibly formula added in this paint and surely can provide such a high-class rich paint.

This paint is specially made for painting the glass, but you can apply the paint on wood, metal, plastic, wicker, and more items. Manufactures say that it sprays the paint like an aerosol sprayer.

Krylon glass spray paint comes in only one color, silver. The comfy nozzle is very tendency and flexible so you can spray in any direction on difficult areas. For a reflective finish, you have to spray the paint on the reverse side of clear glass. The unimaginable part of this paint is, it will dry within 5 minutes.

Looks like phoney but it’s damn true. The can size quite handy to hold and very comfortable to spray the paint.

Overall, if you are looking for any kind of silver color spray, surely you should try this spectacular spray paint on your glass equipment and objects. Notably, if you live on Catalina Island, this won’t be possible to deliver to you. Rather, everyone can take an experience with this paint.


  • Very comfy to use
  • Provides Decorative and durable finish
  • It will dry super rapidly
  • Spraying quality is superb


  • Colors mightn’t be super shiny

Things to consider before buying spray paint for glass (Buying Guide)

These days, markets and online stores are filled up with fake and low-quality spray paint. I heard a lot that people bought spray paint for glass, and that didn’t work for them. It’s heart-touching to hear that.

In this case, I create a spray paint buying guide for you. If you follow this one; surely you will do not be deceived.

Design Highlighting

The design highlighting means how much emphasis your paint can provide. The majority of paint doesn’t provide shiny, bright, and highlighting color on your design. That’s why you should ask your buyer or tell them to show you some pictures or draw with that spray paint.

Perchance, after seeing that color you will understand does it provide quality highlighting or not. Design highlighting will make your glass color more attractive and beautiful.

Drying Time

Well, drying time is really important because sometimes you have to complete your project in less time. So, there has some spray paint that takes 5-10 minutes to dry and some paint takes 24 hours to dry.

So, before buying a paint spray for your glass, buy those paint that will be dry within 5-30 minutes. Fast-drying paint will help you to complete your work faster.

Add thin coats

Five to seven years ago, people used and bought fat coats of paint. But those paints weren’t durable and after a few days, those paints peel out on their own. After spending much money and then if it peels out that worse and worthless.

After that, thin coats become more trendy and demandable because of their high durableness and easy adjustability. So, this the only reason I’m recommending you buy thin coats.


Finishing is crucial, why not? If your paint doesn’t deliver a proper finishing your glass will not look perfect and your money will be wasted. Not every paint spray can give you suitable finishing, especially cheap paints.

Rust-oleum spray paint for glass jars provide such an authentic and eye-catching finish by their paints. So, you should purchase that paint for better and smooth finishing. Otherwise, you will find various spray paints, which also provides better finishing.


You can’t disobey the price limit while purchasing anything. Nowadays, we want more featured and high-quality paint at a low price. It looks funny, but it is the only reality. A spray isn’t so expensive to buy, but if we consider it on average, it could cost 10-25 bucks.

Don’t pay more for a spray can because it’s a fair price for any type of paints. So, I hope you will follow these things and consider quietly purchasing the best-quality spray paint for glass at an affordable price.

Tips for Spray Painting Glass

Tips for Spray Painting Glass

Spraying painting on glass isn’t so tough or easy to do but you have to know how to spray painting glass. It’s really important to know because sometimes for proper information you could waste your whole paints.

Therefore, I arranged some tips about spraying paint on glass for you. These remarkable tips possibly make you an expert painter.

  • Take your glass for painting, which one you want to paint
  • Clear the dust and dirt with water or detergent
  • You will see frosting on the glass
  • After that, use dry and fresh cloths to clean and dry the glass
  • Use a spray paint pattern or design on your glass (If require)
  • Take the best paint spray and shake it for one minute
  • Use the spray on other objects like paper or grass for test
  • Start painting as your design requirement
  • Remember; maintain a temperature of 50°F-85°F
  • Left it in an airy place and let it be dry

How do you prepare glass for spray paint?

Preparing the glass for spray paint is so easy to do. Prepare the glass means clean and ready for your glass to be painted. First of all, take your glass and wash it by cleaning objects if it has lots of dirt.

Then wash the glass with soapy water or you can use cleaning spray to clean it. Remember, wash the glass very politely or else it could break. It will better if you wash it by hand. Now keep the glass aside for 10-12 minutes to dry.

While it’s dried properly then wipe it by a fresh dry cloth. Now your glass is ready to be painted.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass?

Removing spray paint from glass is a little bit tough for everyone. Because glass is easily breakable, that’s why removing is too difficult. At first, take your glass and wear gloves.

Take a microfiber cleaning cloth and make it wet and also take a nail polish remover. Now apply the nail polish remover by your hand. You will realize that the paint will lose glass. Start scrubbing the glass with that cloth. Now wash the glass with water that’s it.

How to Fix Spray Paint Drips on Glass

Spray paint drips are a regular issue in painting. Don’t think about it because it’s too easy to fix and you can do it in a second. If your paint is still wet, try to have some water paint and spray on that drips or you can apply the water paint by brush but do it gradually.

Instead, if the drips and paint get dried then take sandpaper and sand on the drip inchmeal in the opposite direction lightly. I hope you understand now how to fix spray paint drips on glass in both two ways.

FAQs on spray paint for glass

1. Can you use Rust oleum spray paint on glass?

You can use Rustoleum spray paint on glass. Rustoleum delivers high-quality spray paint on their cans. These sprays are quite amazing and ensure great durability on any type of objects such as glass, wood, wicker, ceramic, artificial objects and more.

Rustoleum paint provides great stability on the glass; therefore, you can use it on your glass.

2. Is Spray Paint Dishwasher Safe?

Not really, spray paint on all over the dishwasher safe. The reason is, inner dishwasher passed lots of water on the interior section. If you use the paint in the interior section, your paint will not stay for a long time and you could face trouble also. But spraying the paint on the exterior of the dishwasher is suitable.

Outside always stays out of the water and that brings much chance to keep the paint endure for a long time.

3. How Do You Fix Spray Paint On Glass?

While painting on glass, we create lots of mistakes and that makes out glass worse. So, how do you fix spray paint on glass? Let me clarify this one; for smooth paint use sandpaper.

For fixing wet drips, apply water paint on that drips area. If the drips dried, then use sandpaper gradually. Want to avoid paint stickiness then use primer and let it be dry for a long time.

4. Can You Spray Paint A Glass Chandelier?

Candelabra, candlestick, chandelier, candelabrum, and girandole are stays in every single home. You can paint spray on a glass chandelier, but you have to use thin coat paint on that.

Thin coat paint will look more glamorous and eye-catchy on that. But you have to wash and clean it before painting. A warning for you, avoid flammable paint spray or else fire will catch on it.

5. Can You Spray Paint For Glass Windows?

You can use those paint, which is suitable for glass. While you apply the spray paint on a glass window, it will look stylish and better than ever.

In my recommendation, Rustoleum and Krylon have so many spray paints that are made for only glass. Bear in mind; wash your window correctly before you start painting. Or else your paint could be peeled out.

6. How to Paint Tempered Glass?

Well, not everyone wants to paint on tempered glass because they thought it’s worthless. Firstly, think that what you want to shape or what purpose you want to use it.

You want to use it as a unique antique item, or want to shape it. Whatever you want just do it, shape the tempered glass as your requirement. Once the glass is heat-treated, you can apply the paint to it.

7. How Do You Seal Acrylic Paint On Glass?

Acrylic paint on glass is one of the beautiful and satisfactory designs to watch. Probably, it will make your glass so splendid and adorable. Read the steps correctly and apply them to the glass.

  • Glossy paint is perfect for Acrylic paint, so take a glossy paint
  • Shake the can for 1 minute for better mixing
  • Apply a glass pint sealer on the glass
  • Decide what design you want to art
  • Draw the outline
  • Start painting on the glass
  • Use cotton but and nail polish remover if you make any mistakes
  • Allow two dry it for 15 minutes
  • Then use another coat on it
  • Now keep it for 24 hours to be dried fully.

8. How Long Does It Take Spray Paint to Dry on Glass properly?

The spray paint drying time limit depends on temperature and airy place. If your aside temperature is between 65- 85 degrees and has enough air in your place, then you can add too many coats every 10 minutes.

For final dry glass, paint can take over 24 hours to be dried. Try to let it for 24-28 hours or it will not dry wholly.

Final Thoughts

Painting on glass isn’t so tough, but choosing the best spray paint for glass is a little bit difficult. That’s why always you need the best spray paint for the glass list because it will help you to choose a particular one for your glass.

For the reason of you don’t fail to buy a good spray I added a magnificent buying guide for you.

If you want some spray paint recommendation from me, then I think you should choose Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray Paint, Krylon Stained Glass Paint, and Design Master Premium Metallic Spray Paint because these are trendy and top-rated.

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