10 Best Spray Paint For Rims & Wheels 2023 Reviews

Feeling confusing about which one is the best rim paint? Countless people are facing problems while painting their automotive parts. The reason is they use ordinary paint on their items.

We should know that only rim paint can deliver satisfactory paints on automotive objects. I mention it because the rim color is the most used and prominent color paint on automotive items.

For convenient instance, after tough and lengthy research and taking professional’s decision, I found some leading best spray paint for rims. With an incredible buying guide and tips, there has a lot to talk about in this noteworthy article.

10 Best Metallic Silver Spray Paint Reviews

You might saw several sprays of paint, but today we will talk about only rim spray paint. A common problem, which every beginner painter face is choosing perfect and high-quality paint for them.

Please don’t panic about it, I have some excellent and demandable 10 best rim spray paint list for you. Not only are these top-rated also they are very efficient.

1. VHT SP190 Matte Wheel Paint

VHT SP190 Matte Wheel Paint

The majority of people think only Rustoleum and Krylon delivers authentic spray paint. But nowadays another branded paint name comes out that is VHT. I researched them and I found their paint is reliable. 

As for their durable and stable paint, they will become more demandable in the upcoming days. VHT SP190 wheel paint is so authentic and useful to buy for you, let’s see why?

It comes in two styles clear and coating. For silver paint, you are in the right place because they have two silver colors, such as Ford argent silver and Chevy rally silver. 

Also, some striking colors are available including Aluminium, matte, gloss black, graphite, and more. Super-duper EZ Touch Conical Nozzle is added to this paint.

It can resist up to 220-250 degrees Fahrenheit that’s awesome. Because of its durable finish, it can resist dust and particular chemicals. 

You can apply this spray paint on regular wheels or your own customize wheels. This wheel spray paint will take to dry almost 1 hour properly. For the first touch, it will be dried within 30 minutes.

Overall, this paint is a superb one for car wheels. You can apply this paint coat on other objects too. But it will be better if you wash your wheels before you start silver spray paint on them.


  • Very trendy colorful rim paint.
  • Best for wheels and other objects.
  • Delivers very high-quality colors.
  • Affordable to buy.


  • Sometimes it becomes horrible for rims.

2. Dupli-Color Silver Wheel

Dupli-Color Silver Wheel

If you like to use rich and expensive spray paint for your objects then assuredly I can recommend you this Dupli silver spray paint. 

I have been seen so many expensive and rich colors but unless this one. Pretty sure you will praise its colors and everyone going to admire you for this unbelievable fabulous paint.

It has 11 various colors including silver, bronze, graphite, clear, copper, and more. For authentic paint, I will assure you about its quality, don’t overthink about it. It delivers high endure reflective metallic finish, which no paint can provide. 

As for brake dust and chemicals, it will resist on its own because of its spectacular durable finish. You can add this most durable wheel paint on your original and custom wheels.

Interestingly, it can resist more unthinkable things like cracking, flaking, and peeling. You can apply this on any goods, but especially it was made for wheel, accessories, and rims. 

The dry time limit is quite good with this Dupli paint. It will not take more than 1 hour to finish the job. But for the first touch, it will be ready within 25-30 minutes.


  • Provides vibrant quality paint.
  • Suitable for any kinds of goods.
  • Numerous colors available.
  • Delivers fast dry time limit.


  • Quite expensive to buy.

3. VHT Cast Aluminum Brake Caliper Paint

VHT Cast Aluminum Brake Caliper Paint

Have a look at the worldwide demandable and expert favorite VTH spray paint. While I was researching and finding the best spray paint for the rim this one just satisfied me a lot. You will love its features and the way it delivers the paint.

It hasn’t any specific silver color but cast aluminum will do this job as a silver metallic color. Indeed, this paint has over 9 various colors including, clipper cleaner, red, orange, bright yellow, satin black, and more. 

Paint is available in 3 several styles such as coating, cleaner, and finish. VTH paint is designed for brake, drum, caliper, and rotor custom detailing. Like others, it has chemicals and hears resist abilities.

This paint is quite suitable with primer and clear coat process. One of the unthinkable features it has that going to blow your mind, it can resist up to 900-degree temperature. 

Overall, this paint is pretty durable and I assure you it will worth it for you. The heating resistance is unique in that no paint will deliver you this kind of resistance.


  • Affordable and trendy spray paint.
  • Best for rims and other objects.
  • Unbelievable heat resistance.
  • Durable and authentic colors.


  • A spray nozzle could make a mess.

4. Plasti Dip Rim Kit (Spray paint)

Plasti Dip Rim Kit

This one isn’t about only paint, it’s a total rim kit. With it, you can complete your rim painting effortlessly. Plasti always delivers endure and quality full product every time. So, what you will get in this Plasti dip rim kit box? 

Total 3 items you will get in this kit box. 4 aerosol cans black paint, 2 glossifier aerosol paint, and 1 can gun. These items no one provides literally, I never have seen before.

Two types of paint will deliver attractive finishes on your object and also on rims. Can gun is added to this kit so you hold it easily and spray the paint in any direction. You will get 4 black paint sprayers and I think you can paint your whole object without facing any issues. 

Indeed, 2 glossifiers also can have with this kit. We know that the glossifier brings more bright and shiny color to the object. So, after applying the black paint then use the glossifier paint as your requirement.

I assured you this kit would worth it to you because you don’t need to purchase all the paint individually. It will be tougher if you are a beginner and don’t know what and how to use the paint. That’s you I recommend this Plasti dim rim kit.


  • All paint in one set.
  • Best for rim paint.
  • Durable and affordable to buy.
  • Trendy and demandable.


  • Beginners could face a problem to use it.

5. Dupli-Color Satin spray paint 

Dupli-Color Satin spray paint

I obey the durability and paint the power of Dupli, but when you use it, you will realize why I praised this paint. These paints are available in over 12 several styles and specifications for every branded car such as FORD, TOYOTA, HONDA, VOLKSWAGEN, NISSAN, and more. 

But if you have other ordinary brands, then universal paint is available for you.

Uniquely, Dupli-color has over 80 plus color collection on their brand. Really mind-blowing colors are available including 7 various silver colors, 5 white colors, 10 types of black color, gold, blue and more. 

This paint is specially made for every kind of automotive object. Experts always suggest this paint because easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquers paint it is. In truth, this rim spray paint is best for coating.

EZ Touch technology ensures a 360-degree spray angle and you can spray wider smoothly. Scratch filler primer does a pretty incredible job with this paint and helps the paint to stay for a long time. 

It is suitable to paint on every vehicle, motor accessories, rims, and motorcycle. Any types of coat and gloss finishes are very adjustable and supportive of these rim paint. I will say only one thing about this paint don’t hesitate about it. Just choose it for your objects now.


  • It finishes remarkable colors.
  • Best for automotive accessories.
  • Numerous elegant colors available.
  • Best featured nozzle available.


  • Price is quite a high average.

6. Rust-Oleum Automotive Wheel

Rust-Oleum Automotive Wheel Paint

Lots of people you questioning why still I didn’t mention any rust-oleum spray paint. The best one always comes last. Rust-oleum is one of the top faces in the painting world. 

Professional to beginners everyone wants to choose the rust-oleum spray paint first. It is also known as the high-performance automotive wheel spray paint than any other branded spray paint.

Total 4 various colors are available including clear, matte black, graphite, and steel. Steel and matte black are imposing paint for any kind of object wherever you want to apply. 

It is an oil-based paint, which provides fast drying time and exceptional durability. The dry time limit is about 10 minutes that is fast. Because of this spray can have only 11 oz. paint that’s why; it can deliver 8 square ft paint normally. The price is low and 11 oz. is perfect for the price.

It also ensures dent and scratch resistance on the wheel by its paint. Mainly, its glossy and high-shiny color will make your object brand new. It made of rust formula, which always resists rust and corrosion. In my thought, it is the best rim spray paint for plastic and metal.


  • Delivers long-lasting finish.
  • Best and ideal for metal & plastic.
  • It always stops rust formula.
  • Suitable for any-angle spray.


  • Matte color isn’t much durable.

7. Performix 11287 Graphite Pearl Metalizer

Performix 11287 Graphite Pearl Metalize

Performix is a paint spray that belongs to Plasti dip spray. This paint is best for use on the automotive part and surely you can use it on other goods. 

Only one color is available in this paint spray that is graphite pearl metallizer well, it’s not a specific silver paint, but it’s similar to silver paint. It provides very amazing and durable paint on objects.

The relief and fantastic part of this paint are, it will not crack and brittle in extreme temperature. The majority of paint peels out or melts in the high-temperature tat become worse and worthless. 

Performix is formulated in a very authentic way so it can ensure superior adhesion and stay for a long time with its new looks. Very easy to use and doesn’t matter you’re beginner or armature. Plasti paint is very suitable for using it on plastic items.


  • Easy to use for anyone.
  • Quite friendly for plastic items.
  • Affordable to buy.


  • Not best as shiny color paint.

8. Dupli-Color Titanium Metallic

Dupli-Color Titanium Metallic

Dupli-color is one of my favorite rim spray paint for automotive objects. I mean they always deliver mind-blowing spray paint on the objects. 

Conveniently, there have over 80 plus colors you can get from this spray paint some of the unique and remarkable colors like titanium, victory red, Almond beige, and more.

Indeed, this color is famous for its specific branded car paint collection. Dupli has 12 style colors including FORD, HONDA, TOYOTA, KIA, SABARU, GENERAL MOTORS, and universal paint.

EZ touch 360-degree nozzle is very suitable to spray at any angle. Also for wide spray, smooth paint, and even coats. You can use any kind of primer with this remarkable paint easily.


  • Various colors available to choose.
  • Reliable and durable paint.
  • Worthy and affordable to purchase.
  • The nozzle is so flexible.


  • Does not spray evenly.

9. VHT Gloss Black Wheel Paint

VHT Gloss Black Wheel Paint

Concerning best wheel spray paint, I found this one; VHT gloss wheel paint. Especially this paint is made for automotive purposes, but you can use it on your other projects too. 

Paint comes in two styles one is clear and the other is coating. A total of 8 colors are available in this spray can include Chevy rally silver, graphite, Ford argent silver, glossy black, and more.

It is a polyurethane paint that is suitable for any kind of wheels and rims. It can resist heat and chemicals. This will be better if you apply the primer first before applying the paint because it will bring more stability and sturdiness.  

Temperatures can tolerate up to 900 degrees, which on paint provides this kind of resistance. Remember, if you are in Catalina Island this won’t be delivered to you other states people can purchase it.


  • Numerous colors are available.
  • Best for steel and wheels.
  • It can resist unthinkable heat.


  • A little bit average expensive to buy.

10. Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose spray paint

Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose spray paint

Another Plasti dip clear is spray paint, which is still in the trendy position and has enough demands. I researched a lot about this paint why it is top-rated. I found some great information about it. 

It delivers very easy paint and you can remove the paint whenever you want to remove it quickly. Only 3 colors are available such as black, red, and clear. The spray tip is comfortable to use and the nozzle is quite good to spray all angles easily.

Interestingly, it can resist moisture, acids, abrasion, and corrosion. It’s impressive to hear about some crucial resistance ability it has. Safeties instance, plasti provides necessary things such as a non-skid, protective Grip, comfortable with it. 

You don’t need to fear electrical shock, eliminates vibration, and deadens sounds because it will save your object on its own. This multi-purpose coating spray paint is suitable to use on any kind of object, especially rims and automotive objects.


  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • It resists numerous problems.
  • This paint ensures the safeties.
  • Very trendy and top-rated paint.


  • The quantity is as low as the price.

How to Choose the Perfect Paint for Your Rims – (Buyer’s Guide)

Rims are a significant part of car wheels, these objects make wheels stronger. Maybe you have seen various colors rims on the highway or any roads. How it looks if you paint your car rims on your own? 

The colorful rims can make your car more eye-catchy, attractive, and unique. But before you paint out your rims, you will require perfect paint. You can’t purchase a perfect paint without knowing the proper buying guide. 

Rim and Wheel Materials

Generally, the rim has various types such as metal, cast aluminum, Alloy, forged aluminum, and chrome. Before painting on your rims, you should consider and look at what type’s the material your rims and wheel made of. It’s crucial or else paint will not work for you. 

Paints made for a different purpose, that’s why you have to tell your buyer that you have these kinds of rims and show me a suitable one. If you have metal and aluminum rims or wheels, you can apply metallic colors easily. Remember, if you have chrome rims then you can use any kind of ordinary spray paint on it.


In my thought, color always plays a massive role to make your car adorable. Metallic colors are available in numbers, such as gold, silver, glossy black, red, white, orange, aluminum, bronze, graphite, clear, copper, and lot. So, make sure or ask your friends what color will suit your car rims. 

The majority of people use silver, white, bronze, glossy black, and normal black. You better know what color will make your car fascinating and delightful. Alternatively, you can ask your buyer what types of spray paint color will suit your car and make your car glamorous.


Stability or durability what everybody wants with their paint. Mainly, rim paint made of high-quality materials. It made with the purpose of stay with your object for the long term. But these days, people deceived by some fake paint and lose their money without taking any facilities.

The question is, how do you know your spray paint is durable? It’s tough to say, but I can provide you with some brand recommendations where you can buy your perfect paint for rims. Rustoleum, Dupli, VTH, Krylon are very trustworthy brands and they deliver pure and authentic durable paints.

Weather Resistance

We know tires stay much closer to the engine. The engine always raises its heat while you are driving your car. Indeed, in the summer season, some of the USA states become horrible high-temperature areas. 

For this heat weather instance, you have to choose the weather-resistant paint for your rims. I know some of the spray paint could resist up to 250 degrees temperature. Those are pretty suitable and can tolerate much heat and those aren’t melting or peel out for high temperature.  

In this case, I can suggest you VHT SP190 Matte Wheel Paint because it resists the heat incredibly.

Drying Time

People now want super quick drying time limit paint. Due to a short time or for busy. That is an old time while paint took one to two days to be dry that’s disgusting because we have to pay the time for them. Then spray paint comes to the market and people love them because they take a short time to dry. 

Still, there have lots of paint which takes up to 24 hours to be dry. But there has some fantastic spray paint which takes only 10-60 minutes to thoroughly dry. Above all, try to choose short drying time spray paint for your rims. With it, you can easily paint it anywhere if you have a short time too.


Here capacity means how much paint should be in your paint cans. In the best spray paint for steel wheels cans there should be a minimum of 11 oz. and a maximum of 15 oz. After reading expert advice, they said you could paint out four rims with one and a half paint spray cans. 

I hope you understand and remember, in each can the capacity is written quietly that how much paint is on that. So, before you purchase spray paint for your rims, make sure that has around 12 to 15 oz. paint.

Why You Should Use a Rim Spray Paint

You have to use rim spray paint for your rims or wheels. There have some reasons I want to clarify with you. One of the particular reasons is heat resistance. 

You maybe don’t know that rim spray paint comes with heat resistance. Because we know that tire and rims face lots of heat and if paint couldn’t resist the heat, the paint will be melt. Another reason is capacity. 

Manufactures put much authentic color in the spray can because they how much paint you will require your 4 rims. Thirdly, rim spray paint is a metallic type and metallic paint is one of the persistent paint entire the world. These are the main reason you should use rim paint on your car rims.

Types of Wheel Paint

Like other wheels, paint has different types and styles. Usually, most of the paints are metallic, and it’s so suitable for rims. But you can also use primer on your rims, it’s fit and adjustable. But let’s talk about some of the best wheel paint which provides such a high-class finish.

  • Chrome-plated Finish, Best for glossing reflective rims color.
  • The powder-coated Finish also a reliable one.
  • Machined always delivers a clear-coated Finish.
  • PVD Finish is an authentic paint.
  • Bare-polished Finish; primer suitable.
  • Painted finishes; brings fashion to your rims.

How to Remove Rim Paint

I can tell you how to remove rim paint, but remember rims are available in different type’s aluminum, metal, alloy, chrome. But you can try this method on every kind of rims. Let’s start the process.

  1. Remove the car wheel first, it is optional because it will be better if you take the tire off.
  2. Use the pressure wash on the tire and remove all the dirt and debris.
  3. Remember, chrome is not so durable so don’t use any weighted object on it.
  4. Use the paint stripper sprayer and let the stripper on the paint for 12-15 minutes.
  5. When paint starts bubbling then scrub on the paint by wire brush or plastic scraper.
  6. Do the same processes 2-3 times continuously; your rims will be paint-free.

How to Spray Paint Car Rims

Spraying paint on car rims isn’t so difficult if you know the proper steps of how to spray paint car rims. I know some people don’t take it easy because they, unfortunately, spray on the car body. 

But you should always look for the right process experts share these things how to do. Also, I have some process to tell you to try to follow these.

  1. Take your materials like rags, cleaner, brush, sandpaper, painter taps, plastic covers or newspaper, and spray paint.
  2. Decide where you want to paint.
  3. Take off the wheels (Optional) you can do it without taking off the tires.
  4. Use sandpaper and sand to wash the dirt.
  5. Wash the rims with soap water, cleaner, and by brush.
  6. Use overspray, plastic cover, or newspaper for better protection.
  7. Apply the primer on the rims.
  8. Now apply the paint properly.
  9. It’s time to use the coat.
  10. Now remove the protective cover from the rims.
  11. Let it be dry for at least 1 hour.


How long does it take to paint car rims?

Usually, a painted car rim doesn’t take so long to be painted. Because, you have to wash the rims, cover it up, adding primer, and some general work you have to do before paint out. Listen, first of all, you have to wash the wheels or rims properly.  

In some cases, you need to use sandpaper and it takes much time. The covering up the other car side, primer adding, paint applying, then adding coat. Overall, you can finish the panting on rims within 30 minutes.

How long does it take rim paint to dry?

It will take 12 hours to be dried. For fast drying, spray rims paint it will take 1 hour to be dried fully. Therefore, in the market, there have several numbers of paint for rims.

Some of the paint takes a short time to be dry and some dries as fast as you want. As a matter of fact, how fast you want to dry, that’s the question. Eventually, it all depends on your paint drying time limit.

Can I paint my rims with the tires?

Of course, you can paint your rims with the tire. But it will be better if you take off the tire. If you don’t take off the tires at some point paint could touch your tires and that will look very ugly. 

Still, you want to paint the rims with the tire on then you must use the overspray cover, newspaper, or plastic cover on your tire. With the cover, it will protect the tires from getting paint.

Final Thoughts

For automotive purposes, the rim spray is the best choice to paint every single item. In truth, I researched a lot to deliver you the best spray paint for the rim. 

If you already reach here and now you have to consider yourself which one will perfect for you. 

If you want my suggestion then I will recommend you Dupli-Color Titanium, VHT Cast Aluminum Paint Can, and Plasti Dip Clear Multi-Purpose coating spray paint. These 3 are pretty satisfied and top-rated best rim paint. 

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