Wagner Flexio 890 Review: A DIY Universal Sprayer for Your Home

People who need to purchase a good paint sprayer to do mainly large jobs quickly then Wagner Flexio 890 would be the right model. This tool is suitable for both industrial and commercial painting jobs. As it can load more paint that helps you to cover lots of room in a short period of time.

This HVLP paint sprayer gives a compatible finish on indoor and outdoor projects. If you don’t like to paint or you have a real large project which needs to be completed in a short time, then this can make your job done faster than you wish.

Wagner is the name of the brand which focuses on the quality with a reasonable price of their paint sprayer series. So you don’t need to worry about that. This sprayer comes with powerful enactment and high functionality, quality finish and flawless results for the newbies and do-it-yourself.

So is it going to be work out for you? Read the details and decide for yourself.

Wagner Flexio 890 Review– A Quick Features

The Wagner Flexio 890 paint sprayer is packed with some useful features which make it more countable than other sprayers in a similar price range. It is a kind of stationary sprayer with a compact and portable carrying case to keep the turbine sits on the floor.

With an x-boost power turbine, two nozzles and a material flow controller, you will get a faster and better finish work. You also get a year warranty according to the manual instructions. For more details in every feature, take a look in the below.

1. Flexible Air Hose

All painting jobs are not supposed to spray paint from a close position. Sometimes you need to cover a distance position. If you face the limitation of flexibility with the position, then it would be not easy to do the perfect job.

By keeping this in mind, Wagner adds a flexible air hose which is eleven feet in length to paint large areas. You can easily reach higher places and be able to paint from closer sight.

2. Detail Finish Nozzle

The option detail finish nozzle mainly use for small projects and fine finishing. It gives a smooth, advanced final coat of paint that will enrich the overall appearance of the project as cabinets, crafts and furniture and it can supply any kind of coating.

This seems to be the key section of the tool, but you will face an overspray problem while using it. To solve it the other function Lock-n-Go allows to switch the material change quickly and clean easily if it caused overspray.

4. Lightweight Sprayer

Most of the do-it-yourself or domestic painters prefer a handheld sprayer for their painting project. If the sprayer is heavy to carry, then the painting task becomes exhausted as you have to stop randomly during your work due to heavy weight. But this sprayer is lightweight and easy to carry that after filling the paint you will not feel the extra weight on the sprayer.

5. Turbine Power

The turbine power makes it possible to reach the variable speed. You can spray both thick and thin paint. Just pull the paint up and out through the spray tip. By the volume adjustment, you can control the flow.

There are two different types of flow adjustments included. You can adjust the turbine speed and also the material flow. For using thicker material adjust high-speed flow and for thinner paint keep it on slow speed. The turbine also does the work of an air compressor.

6. iSpray

The key feature of this sprayer is most probably the iSpray nozzle. It provides a wider pattern and applies a great amount of paint per minute. If you are going to paint large items like walls, ceilings, decks, fences or the side of your house, then this nozzle makes you complete the work faster. For the comprehensive width selector, you can apply more paint to larger areas at one time and finish your spraying in just a short amount of time.

7. X-Boost

One of the main standout features of this sprayer is the X-Boost function. The X-Boost air turbine is more powerful to control over the spray speed and ensures the paint will be sprayed quickly and professionally.

To adjust the level of air pressure, full coverage, and low overspray turn the X-Boost power dial on the gun handle. You can change the power high to low as per your work varies. When you make the power high, it will provide faster coverage with thick material.

On the other hand, when switching to low speed, it works with thinner material for small projects. The x-boost power box contains the turbine, nozzles, the 11.5-foot hose, sprayer and the handle with integrated power dial to keep storage and keep on the floor when not in use. It helps users not to carry unnecessary weight while painting a long project.

8. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is the easiest part of this sprayer because it is quick and simple. After finishing a paint job, you need to clean it entirely to long-lasting service. Just separate all the parts. It will not take so much time to apart the sprayer. Fill the paint section in the gun with a cleaning solution, gently shaking the unit and spray it until it clean. Always use the correct cleaning solution according to your paint materials.

For latex materials, use warm or soapy water and for oil-based materials use mineral spirits. After cleaning it properly dry the pieces and reassemble to use them again.

FAQ on Wagner Flexio 890

Are Wagner paint sprayers any good?

Yes. Wagner paint sprayer is mainly useful for versatility and affordability.

How do I use my Wagner Flexio 890?

It’s quite easy to use as the functions are really simple. You have to make sure that you set the whole spray correctly to get your expected output.

How do I clean my Wagner Flexio 890?

For cleaning use the appropriate cleaning solution like lukewarm or soapy water for latex materials and mineral spirits for oil-based materials.

Final Thought 

So now it may clear to you that though it has some negativity, there are undoubtedly positive things which make the Wagner Flexio 890 standout. The features make this sprayer more versatile and it seems well at detail jobs specifically, which makes an extra plus point.

To be honest for professional users, this is not that much suitable, but for the average homeowner and DIY enthusiasts, it could be a good choice.

Finally, you have read all things including the advantages and disadvantages. Now you have to think about your need and expectation. You will have to make the ultimate decision for yourself. Good luck and have fun.

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