Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Handheld Paint Sprayer Tool for Any Project

Brushes and rollers are common words for any painter. However, these kinds of stuff are generally killed your time and make you exhausted during your painting job. But the good news is there is a better option to make your painting task easy with Wagner Flexio 590 paint sprayer which also saves your valuable time.

Every painter has usually wanted some paint applicators which will give a smooth experience for any kind of home painting, industrial or commercial painting and fine finishing. And when it comes to painting sprayers, Wagner is a reliable brand that provides what customers need.
As regards excellent performances like an easy way to make surface, paint and coating, cleaning, handheld and for making your work faster this tool is appreciated by many do-it-yourself. This is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. The main attraction of this paint sprayer is its versatility. For more details find out what it’s worth from Flexio 590 review.


  1. Affordable price with high configuration
  2. Adjustable spray patterns
  3. X-Boost technology for completing projects faster
  4. Easy to clean and operate


  1. The complex reservoir screwing system may difficult to understand.
  2. Short power cord

Wagner Flexio 590 Review– A Quick Features

Wagner Flexio 590

This HVLP paint sprayer has some great features which make it central as compared to other airless sprayers. The features of Wagner Flexio 590 are quite significant, compromise ease and the accessibility that many users are looking for in a paint sprayer. This is probably one of the most flexible and powerful paint sprayers available within the features like x boost turbine, nozzles, width selector, flow controller and most important is the faster output you will get to finish your painting job what most self-doer wanted in a paint sprayer with an affordable price. Give a glance at the features:

Width Selector

A variety of painting areas need a different kind of width to cover the surface smoothly. You can adjust the width of this sprayer as you required. Sometimes you need to paint large areas and sometimes you need to paint trim or furniture with slight areas. You just have to select the width size where it’s wide, narrow or in between to paint. When you have to cover a large area for painting simply turn the range to wide so that you can paint a larger area in a shorter period of time and when you need to paint a small surface go with a narrow width setting for detailed fine finishing.

Detail Finish Nozzle

Flexio 590 mainly intended for large projects. But it also adds a detailed finish nozzle for small projects and fine finishing. This addition also makes this particular component different from others. Many paint sprayers don’t have the option in the nozzle for fine finishing while this one has a whole additional part for the fine finish. This tool is better to handle clogs than the iSpray nozzle. With a little more attention and skill with this detail finish accessory, you will get good finishing touches on a painting job after done a large area. However, it only supports oil-based paints and stains.

Lightweight Sprayer

The amusing part of this airless paint sprayer is its weight. Do-it-yourself generally uses a paint sprayer for the indoor project and they handle it by themselves. For that users give attention to the flexibility of paint sprayers to carry it easily. This device is liked by users because of its lightweight. This hand-held sprayer is easy to carry for a long time.

X-Boost Turbine Power

The feature X-Boost turbine power is designed to make painting jobs faster with a smooth finish. It can make painting eight gallons per hour and three times powerful than other sprayers. The X-Boost power dial helps to adjust air pressure depending on the material of the painting. It makes sure that the paint is not too thin or too thick. By using the two-speed settings you can control the thickness of paint and the coating speed.


The iSpray nozzle expands the spraying pattern with a wide range. It sprays larger areas like walls, ceilings or a big side of the house faster than other sprayers that easy and less time-consuming. Though it has some issue of clogging users prefer it for the function of fast work of iSpray nozzle. And the detailed finish nozzle takes part to complete the small projects.

Material Flow Control

To control the flow of spraying there is a knob that helps to adjust the spraying speed, pattern and gives excellent finishing as expected. You can control the amount of paint you want to pass through the nozzle. By adjusting the low to high speed you can paint without having any drip or faster as you wanted.

Easy Cleaning

When clogging is an issue with this sprayer, Wagner gives the concern to keep the cleansing part easy. Cleaning is a common and struggling part of painters. For better output and long time usage, it’s important to keep clean the sprayer. After finishing the paint job you need to clean the sprayer and while going to do this you will get relief with its quite simple and easy process of cleaning.

Quart Cup

For painting a large area you don’t have to think twice about put painting material frequently because you will get a 1-1/2 quart cup to fill the paint and you can easily paint a 10’x12 wall in a short period of time. You don’t need to worry about extra paint cans or cups anymore.


How do you use a Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer?

Just unbox the paint sprayer and it’s easy to function. You can also check the user manual to assemble. Use this paint sprayer for any kind of indoor and outdoor paint projects.

What is the difference between Wagner Flexio 570 and 590?

The difference between Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 is that Flexio 590 can paint faster than 570 and 570 are more affordable than 590.

How do you clean a Wagner Flexio 590?

After doing painting jobs separate the parts of the sprayer and then clean with water or mineral spirit.

Final Thought

Finally, you have read the review of Wagner Flexio 590, which comes with some great features like a speed controller, nozzles for painting a different kind of surfaces, quart cup, easy cleaning way and so more. Though its have some flaws like short cord which can make problem while you want to paint from a distance area. The prone to clogging is also a big fact. But these drawbacks also have solutions which can be solved easily. Despite a couple of downsides, this product turns to be picked for dictating features that make it reliable. The reasonable pricing, versatility, and quality will make it a good option for painters especially do it yourself to choose it. However, the decision is now up to you.

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