How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior: A Complete Solution To Know Exact Time of Painting A Room

Once in every 5 years, your home will need a change or recovery in its look. It doesn’t matter how premium paints you use on the interior of your home. After a particular time, it is bound to face deterioration.

Some parts of your home, such as the kitchen, ceilings, infrequent rainy areas, or the wall attached to your washroom, will need extra care every once in a while. This is because these parts are exposed to water/ heat frequently. Whether you want to or not, these specific parts of your home will show you signs prominently.

Today, we will discuss in detail repainting your house’s interior and how often should you paint your house.

Repainting Your House and How Often Should it be?

Interior paints in your house will last in between 5 to 8 years. And when it comes to premium quality paint, you can spend 10 years with a glimpse of your eyes. But when it comes to freshening the mood of your home, you shouldn’t wait more than 5 years.

Your interior can face different levels of wear and tear. Strong stains like spilled tea or coffee, oil, food, and others will take the need of repainting one more step ahead. Things will accelerate if you have a toddler at home. Trust me, I do.

Then again, there are other corners of your home that face extreme exposure to moisture or sun.

Hence, it is wise to get to the job before it is 5 years or more than the last time you had your walls painted.

How Often Should You Paint Interior Walls?

Different parts of your home need different levels of care. For example, your bedroom is a place where regular movement is usual. Then again, the kitchen is where you visit every day for a certain time and spend some time cooking or cleaning the place.

Hence, we will have different sections to discuss which parts of your home need repainting often or if they can wait.


Bedroom is the place in our house where we find ourselves in the most comfort. It is the most desirable place at the end of a hasty day. But, when it comes to grownups, once a unique color is selected and applied, their room would merely need any repainting in 5 years, unless there are any serious issues or a damped wall.

But when it comes to teenagers and children under 5, their bedroom will often need redecoration and repainting every once in 1-2 years. Children’s worlds are made of imagination. If they are given a surrounding that grows spontaneously with their mental development, the results can be astounding.

They often prefer light and sweet colors. Painting beautiful and lovely objects like flowers or rockets while repainting the wall can help boost their imagination power at an exponential rate.

Living Room And Dining Room

Living room and dining room are mainly dedicated to entertain and host the people invited to your house. Therefore, when you are deciding to repaint your home, they will be of your most minor concern.

It is more than okay to paint them every 5-7 years and so.


Kitchen is the third most used place in your home. And most of the time, your kitchen is open to heat/ oil/ grease and others. Cooking delicious food is not enough if you are not doing it in a cleanly painted walled kitchen.

Within 2 years of painting your kitchen first, the walls are bound to face tear and wear. Hence, it is wise to repaint your kitchen within 2 years of their first painting.


The second most used place in your house? Yes, it is your washroom we are talking about. A warm relaxing shower after a tiring day is what we crave for. But if the walls in your bathroom are damped and start to tear off, it will almost feel like a public toilet only.

However, bathrooms and washrooms are mostly exposed to water. Moisture and humidity are two friendly companions of your bathroom. Hence, they need a frequent retouch every once in a while. Two years is the best time limit for repainting your bathroom. However, three is the max.


Hallways are the most traffic concentrated place in your house. While taking something out or in, your hallways are most likely to face extreme tear or hard-to-remove stains. You can often clean them off with your bare hands or clothes. But to give the best impression of your home to others, you should frequently paint your hallways to provide your entire house a shining look.

Every once in 1-2 years, you should definitely paint your hallways, depending on usage level.

How Often Should You Paint Your Ceilings?

Your ceilings are okay for a certain time if you are living in a tropical zone. If it rains at a balanced rate in your place, you shouldn’t take less than 5 years to repaint your ceiling.

However, if there are other issues such as an open water drainage system or indoor plant house on your roof, you should repaint the ceiling within every 3 years.

How Often Should You Paint Your Trim & Baseboards?

Baseboards in your house are the most frequent parts in your home to tolerate moisture. While cleaning or when any liquid gets spilled out of the cup, baseboards are the parts that tolerate the most.

It is quite the opposite for trim. And trims are exposed to pressure and other external forces. Hence it is wise to repaint your baseboard every 2 years, and when it comes to trim, a 4 year gap is ideal.

How Long Does Interior Paint Last On The Wall?

Interior paint will last depending on the quality of paint you are using. And a touch of professionalism is also a prerequisite for having durable and long-lasting wall paint.

Premium paints will last on your at most 10 years. However, it is wise to retouch your walls within 5-7 years and not completely wait for 10 years.

How Many Coats Of Paint On Your Interior?

It is ideal to have two coats of paint for your interior. It is tough and challenging to clean one coat of paint if you plan to do so. Another coat will offer a proper barrier to the first one. And help the first coat to adhere to the surface.

However, when using deep-colored paints, you may need another coat of paint as well.

Final Words

Think of your room where you need to change the bedsheet or the curtains every once in a while to give your room a refreshing look. The same goes for your home as well.

It is essential to repaint the interior of your home after a certain time. Whether you are going to apply the same color or anything new, to elevate the environment of your house and every time feel like a new one, you must definitely repaint your interior. So, now you know exactly how often should you paint your house.

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