Wagner Flexio 570 Review: Handheld Indoor & Outdoor Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Flexio 570 is an advanced model from the series of the Wagner Flexio paint sprayer. Wagner has been making high-quality handheld paint sprayers for years for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Get multipurpose options in a paint sprayer is the expectation of most people. If you are looking for an affordable paint sprayer that is capable of taking care of both the indoor and outside tasks, then it would be recommended for you.

This HVLP paint sprayer makes painting projects much easier and quicker. For the smaller unit, it’s simple to move around the home to complete your paint job smoothly and fast.

Is it worth your painting job? If this question comes to your mind, read this in-depth Wagner Flexio 570 review for details.

Wagner Flexio 570 review – A Quick Features 

Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer

In this section, we are going to give you some key features of the Wagner Flexio 570. It would be a good choice to know about its performance, usability and versatility before fix the buying decision.

1. Faster Way to a Better Finish

While you are painting a large area, it may take lots of time and also make you tiresome. But with Wagner paint sprayer you can do this job done faster than your thought. It saves your huge time and gives a better finish to fulfill your expectation. It is capable of spraying 7.2 gallons of paint per hour.

You can apply a large amount of paint in a short amount of time in less than five minutes and get fine coverage.

2. Faster Than a Brush or Roller

This paint sprayer not only gives you a better finishing touch faster but also do this job faster than brush and roller. Usually paint with brush and rollers is kind of old-fashioned nowadays as it kills too much time to finish and also need to coat repeatedly for fine finishing.

But now it’s become easy to end faster with Wagner sprayer. The cleaning procedure is also faster than any brush or roller for its simple and easy way of cleaning.

3. Spray Unthinned Paints and Stains

For indoor and outdoor painting projects, you need thick and sometimes thin materials to do the job correctly. As this sprayer has the function of the x-boost turbine, that’s why this job becomes so easy. You have the flexibility to use both thick and thin materials where it can be latex paint, oil-based paint or stain. You don’t need to thin the material.

4. X-Boost Turbine Power

As mentioned earlier, the feature X-Boost turbine works very fast to complete larger areas within a short time. This tool is three times more powerful than other paint sprayers. But there is also a problem. Due to fast speed, it caused over spraying.

If you paint your living room or focused area and try to keep the paint controlled, it becomes a problem as it will make overspray. However, this feature will be still great for painting an unfinished basement, blank canvas of a room or any other large area that can resist a little bit of overspray.

5. iSpray

Another key feature is of this paint sprayer is ispray nozzle which makes fast coverage with a fine finish. It comes with two-speed settings to give you greater control over the power. You can adjust both thick and thin materials for your work and the pattern will allow you to set it to wide or narrow and horizontal or vertical to get verities at your job.

You can prevent clogging and overspray which are the main problem with this sprayer by adjusting these settings properly.

6. Material Flow Control

The sprayer leads you to control the amount of paint and the flow of materials. It has a material flow controller that fixes the amount of spray material that is sprayed from the spray gun. There is a knob in the trigger that designed to adjust the flow range of spraying speed.

To use thicker materials, you need to set the speed at the highest flow and decrease the flow to get your expected spraying requirements and for thinner materials set to low flow and then increase gradually.

For this convenience, it’s an excellent feature for painting small areas like edges, corners and you can minimize the overspray with this feature.

7. Width Selector

There are no specific types of paints and not all the tasks of painting projects are the same in categories, that’s why you have to choose the pattern wisely according to your painting type. Correct width selection is essential for getting a better result. When you paint on a large surface, you have to choose a wide pattern to paint. You get ispray nozzle to do this job well.

Sometimes you need to paint trim or small areas for which you have to use a detail finish nozzle with narrow width selected.

8. Quart Cup

You will get a 1.5-quart cup which is a little bit small for a large project. You have to refill paint during a large project. This interrupt makes a hassle for painters.

FAQ on Wagner Flexio 570

How do you use a Wagner Flexio 570 sprayer?

As mention earlier set all functions as required according to your painting project then start paint spray.

Can you use this spray gun for detail-oriented jobs?

Yes, you can. This spryer designed for a large project with a high-speed spraying system.

How do you clean a Wagner Flexio 570?

As clogging is a big fact with this unit, that’s why you need to give serious concern to the cleaning part. But the relief is that the cleaning process is so simple and the Lock N Go feature makes the user change color without any trouble. It also makes easier the cleaning process.

Final Thought 

So finally you get an overall view of the Wagner Flexio 570 review. To sum up, for versatile, durable, functional, and of course affordable paint sprayer it could be a great choice. You can easily manage your small indoor or outdoor painting projects with this sprayer.

All in all, including the downsides and useful features this model is quite satisfactory for taking small painting tasks to the next level and handling any home-painting project. If fine finishing isn’t a big concern for you then definitely this model is going perfect for you. But in the end, it’s up to you.

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