7 Best Spray Paint for Wood Furniture in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guides)

Being tired to find the best paint for wood furniture? Don’t worry; you don’t need to find it for more. After a pretty tough researched and talking with paint experts, I’m able to find some glittering and sensational trendy 7 best spray paint for wood furniture.

In these days, it becomes very tough to find fanciful and perfect spray paint to paint out the wood furniture. Markets are getting worse because of fake and fraudulent paints. I heard a lot that people are talking about low-quality paints they bought and wasted their money.

Genuinely, I don’t want to see that you waste your money and buying low-quality paint. That’s the only reason I provided a buying guide below.

List of 7 Best Spray Paint for Wood Furniture Reviews

Spraying paint on wood is an inconceivable thing for your wooden furniture. But it will be worse if you don’t have proper knowledge about which spray paint is the best and remarkable for you.

For instance, after a quite research and expert decision, I’m able to find 7 stunning paint for wood furniture, which is worth your every penny.

1. Rust-Oleum American Accents

Rust-Oleum American Accents

When it comes to painting the surface of wood, steel, metal, plastic, and wicker, experts always give more priority to the rust oleum American accents spray paint. The reason they recommend this spray paint because of its endurance quality, and shiny stable colors.

Interestingly, Rust-Oleum is available in over 70 plus several colors, including Gross candy pink, flat black, black primer, gloss ivory, high-gloss colors, and more. Rust-oleum spray paint ensures long-lasting protection.

Because you can move the spray at any angle, and that thing reduces finger fatigue so you can reach a more tough area for painting.

American accent spray paint is so fast for dry, it will take only 20 minutes to get dry. With this spray paint, you can complete your quick project effortlessly because of low drying time.

You can use one accent spray for up to 12 square ft area. This spray comes with glossy paints, and it assures more shiny surfaces to your wooden furniture.

Overall, Rust-oleum American spray paint is tremendous and provides many dursprayable colors. You must need this one because only it can provide superior stability colors with a smooth surface. As for my consideration, it could be the best choice for shiny vivid colors with full coverage.


  1. Affordable spray paint
  2. It is a trendy paint
  3. It ensures shiny and stable colors
  4. Best to use at every object


  1. Can’t use this spray on headlights

2. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch

Here is another rust oleum spray paint, which is a superb favorite for every single painter artist. As we know that only this spray paint can provide such a spectacular paint on the objects.

Painter loves this spray paint because of the suitable smooth colors it provides. Assuredly, with this paint, you can paint any kinds of wooden furniture, metals, plastic items, and more.

Painter’s Touch Spray Paint has over 60 plus color collection, and all are available for you. Some of the unique colors like Satin wildflower blue, Magenta, Rustic orange, and more are also available.

The sprayer is pretty flawless for exterior and interior surface paint. The best part is; it is oil-based paint but low odor and resists chips. That means you will not face any hard smell from this paint.

Like others, it also ensures long-lasting protection. Don’t worry about the drying time limit, because it only will take 20 minutes. One paint sprayer can cover up to 12 square ft. This wood spray paint delivers imperfections, smooth and shiny colors to the objects.

You can move the sprayer at any angle, which means you can complete your painting easily on rough and difficult surfaces.

Above all, this paint sprayer is quite impressive for using any type of goods. It assures protection, smooth colors, odorless, and has various colors to choose from.


  1. Odorless paint sprayer
  2. Fast drying time limit
  3. Available in Low-cost price
  4. Suitable for all objects


  • Whipped cream is a little bit inferior

3. Rust-Oleum, Metallic Antique

Rust-Oleum, Metallic Antique

Well, Rust-oleum is a trendy brand for every type of paint sprayer. This one is a metallic antique sprayer, which is one of the top-rated paint sprayers entire the United States.

Metallic Antique paint is the only sprayer that supports fiberglass and vinyl. You can also try this particular paint on wooden furniture, concrete, wicker, plastic, metal, and more.

Uniquely, this paint works as virtually on the object surfaces. The paint is made of oil-based formula. Fortunately, its excellent adhesion reduces rust, resists fading, and also chipping; for the long term. 

You can cover up your object with this paint up to 15 square ft with one sprayer. But the drying time limit is a little bit high, about 30 minutes. For improving durability and stability, this antique paint prevents corrosion and rust.

So, this paint could be a massive element to paint your furniture. I’m telling you because after completing the paint, you will realize that your furniture looks more attractive, lavish, and shimmering. Remember, before using the sprayer, you have to shake the bottle for at least one minute for better paint.


  • Paint is not expensive to buy
  • It supports all kind of goods
  • Various colors are available to use
  • You can paint 3 sq. ft. extra with it.


  • Its nozzle isn’t so perfect

4. Rust-Oleum Multi-Purpose Paint  

Rust-Oleum Multi-Purpose Paint

Still, searching for best spray paint for outdoor wood furniture? Then have a look at this multi-purpose spray paint. Like other spray paint, it also provides a double up painting cover limit. 

This spray paint is available in 9 various colors, including saint moss green, espresso, Satin Claret Wine, and more. Rust-oleum is suitable for every kind of object like your favorite wooden furniture, plaster, metal, masonry, and unglazed ceramic.

Spray paint is pretty suitable for exterior and interior surfaces of wood and other items. The splendid part of it might be this paint comes with oil-based formula, but it’s a totally low odor. 

Wonderful formula resists the chips and ensures protections for the long term. After completing the spray Paint Wood furniture, it will not take more than 20 minutes. Surely, you can cover the area by painting up to 12 sq. ft.

Overall, you should try this paint on your wood furniture for at least once because it promises a bright, elegant, and smooth color. For imperfections and minimizes surface, this paint is as good as your thought.


  • The paint is low odor
  • Perfectly suitable for wood furniture
  • Best for imperfections paint
  • Ensures fast drying time limit


  • The nozzle could be clogged quickly

5. Krylon ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint

Krylon 'Dual' Superbond Paint

Numerous people know that how much durable paint provides the Krylon paint is. I have a fascinating topic about this paint sprayer, this paint sprayer comes with both paint and primer in one can. 

I have so many paint professionals who are suggesting this super bond paint. The reason is; you will get two different major things in one can. Isn’t it look like worthy?

Krylon paint is available in 7 several durable colors, including gloss black, gloss almond, gloss mandarin, gloss true blue, and more. As for high gloss spray paint for wood furniture, this paint spray is very adequate. 

Generally, this paint increases protection on every type of objects like wood, plastic, wicker, masonry, and concrete. But it plays a superior protection role for metal. The paint will not take more than 30 minutes to take dry.

So, Krylon is a super cool two in one paint sprayer. I should recommend this paint because primer and paint you can have in one cane, which is really incredible. Gloss, satin, and flat finishes provide a very fresh and durable finish on the object surfaces.


  • It’s a two in one paint sprayer
  • Available at low-cost price
  • Great protection abilities
  • Shiny and best for gloss paint


  • Paint could throw drip spots.

6. Krylon Color master Paint + Primer

Krylon Color master Paint

Talk about the best Paint for Wood, Krylon paint will always come on top. In truth, I have seen so many kinds of paint and primer two in one sprayer, but unless this one. 

The majority of people use this color master paint for painting their home equipment and especially wooden furniture. This paint comes with 8 different qualities and types, including semi-gloss, flat, satin, primer, and more. All are pretty seemly to use.

Metal, wood, plastic, and more objects are suitable for this paint to use. It doesn’t matter where and what types of projects you want to complete with this paint, because indoor or outdoor both are appropriate. The unimaginable part of this paint is after completing the paint touch up it will dry within 10 minutes, which is fast instead of other paints.

Please don’t get confused about Krylon color master paint because it provides satisfactory paint. If you want to complete your project with super quick, then I assure you its fastness and quality colors.


  • It a Super-fast dry paint
  • Affordable and convenient full
  • Ensure brilliant and attractive colors


  • Metallic paint isn’t so durable

7. Krylon SUPER MAXX Spray Paint

Krylon SUPER MAXX Spray Paint

For best paint for wood furniture, you must obey this Krylon Supermax paint. After obtaining the expert’s choice for spray paint furniture, I’m wondering you this special expedient paint sprayer. 

It is available in four types of paints like satin, gloss, hammered, and metallic. Durable and stable colors are available in 8 colors, including Gold, Ivory, silver, and more.

Supermax paint is extremely adhering to surfaces on any kind of unique objects such as laminates and melamine, and normally it’s supported for plastic, metal, wood furniture, and more. 

If you choose satin types to paint, then you will not require any sanding or priming. It’s bringing more comfy to beginners to do the paint. Indeed, this paint provides more durability and benefits to using.

So I want to concern you, Krylon spray paint always provides a phenomenal performance on the wood and as well as other items. Rust protection is grunted with this paint. So, in my consideration, you should try this paint at once.


  • Assures much durable and finest colors
  • Best for use on any surfaces
  • It provides rust protection


  • A little bit expensive than others

Buyer’s Guides of Best paint for wood Furniture

The buying guide is a magnificent crucial part that everyone should follow it before purchasing any paint for them. The question is, why should you obtain the buying guide?

In reason, a proper buying guide will tell you about numerous things which are must need in your spray paint. If you disobey the buying guide, you could buy the worst paint for you and lose your money.


First of all, durability in the painting world means specifically stability. Not every paint brand ensures the stability and durability with their paint. Unreliability paint color will not stay on your wood or metal furniture for a long time, and it’s really worthless to use.

So, you have to ask your buyer how much durable that color is and the stability limit of that paint.

Initially, if you want to know which the durable colors from this list are, those will be Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint, and Krylon Color master Paint + Primer. I suggest these two paints because they provide a really impressive durable color.

Oil-based paints

Lots of paint is available around us, but oil-based paint is such a reliable and trustworthy one. Only oil-based paints ensure the low odor of the paint, and these paints come with naturally stable.

Before buying the best spray paint for wood furniture, you should choose oil-based paints. Don’t buy other low-quality ordinary paints, it will not work for a long time.

Oil-based paints can endure the sun’s heat and it will protect your furniture from sun heat. In fact, it will protect your wooden furniture from dust, chipping, and fading. Now, the choice is all yours because oil-based paint will provide more solidity then others.


Well, finishing is done matters because, without an amazing finishing, your wood furniture will not look glamorous and shiny. In my recommendation, you should choose those spray paints which ensure your smooth and shiny finishing. You should choose that branded paint, which doesn’t provide imperfections.

A few spray paint can promise you their smoothness, so how will you know that your paint is a smoothie and doesn’t affect furniture shininess? It’s pretty easy, try to take rust oleum and Krylon spray paint instead of other normal paints. I used several kinds of paints, and I found those really smooth and mellow.

Other considerations

Finishing, durability, oil-based paints this doesn’t end yet. Still, there have some essential points you have to consider before purchasing spray paint.

Quick-dry: it will be worse if your paint takes the whole day to be dry. That’s why to choose the spray paint, which could take not more than 30 minutes to be dry.

Price: Spray paint price isn’t so expensive. For painting any objects properly, it could cost a minimum of 13 bucks and a maximum of 25 bucks. So, don’t waste your money and try to purchase your paint in this budget.

How to Spray Paint Your Wood Furniture (Tips)

Myriad people have several thoughts about how to spray paint wood furniture. I’m not turning this thing into a bigger part, rather I will tell some steps and tips of spraying paint on your wood furniture. Try to follow these steps properly, so you paint your furniture in the best way to paint furniture.

  1. Choose the furniture you want to paint
  2. After that, remove all the goods and hardware of that furniture
  3. Cover the surrounding area and objects or take the furniture in your garden.
  4. Clean the furniture properly, removes the dust, but without letting your furniture wet.
  5. Take your colorful and correct primer and paint
  6. Practice on a useless object first
  7. Apply primer first then apply the paint
  8. Now keep your furniture in an airy area and let it be dry


Are you applying a primer and paint?

Obviously, I’m going to applying a primer and paint on my wood furniture. We paint our furniture so it can look more attractive while it’s old. Few of you maybe don’t know much about primer. Well, primer is glue types of paint, which is very crucial for paint. It holds the paint and helps to decrease peeling paint.

So, why will I use a primer and paint? Literary, I will use a primer before painting, and it’s the damn method. After applying the primer on my furniture, then I will similarly apply the paint all over my wood furniture.

In this case, the paint will not peel out easily from my furniture and paint will stay for the long term on my wood furniture.

Do you want a shiny or metallic appearance?

Before you know which one I want metallic or shiny, let me clarify the shiny and metallic colors. We have quite knowledge about shiny colors, shiny color means A color which always glows and makes lustrous and glistening. Rather metallic colors look like a metal polish color, and it shines like polish metal.

For my painted furniture, I will give more priority to metallic then shiny colors. Because of metallic is more durable then shiny color and it’s the specific reason I choose metallic appearances. Alternatively, metallic stable power is much stronger than the shiny color. I hope you understand.

How to Get a Smooth Professional Paint with spray paint on wood?

Don’t ever think that only professionals can paint with smooth professionally. You can do better with your sprayer paint on the wood if you follow my steps. Don’t waste your time and follow these tremendous steps for smooth, professional paint on wood.

  1. Take sandpaper and sand your wood furniture correctly.
  2. Peel out the old paint from the wood furniture
  3. Next vacuum the dust and dirt from the wood
  4. For better clarification, you can use a dry cloth and swab the furniture
  5. After that, you will realize that your furniture becomes more smooth
  6. Apply the primer
  7. Paint the first coat of your wood furniture
  8. Paint the remaining coats
  9. Let it dry.

Is it better to spray paint or paint wood?

Truly, there have lots of differences between spray paint and direct paint. Direct paint wood means to paint the wood with a brush painter. Generally, brush paint takes a long time to paint the wood instead of spray paint.

Sometime you can’t reach the tough area with a brush, but you can reach that area by spryer effortlessly. Spray paint is usable at any object such as metal, plastic, concrete, and more.

Brush paint can’t paint every object around us. So, I think spray paint is quite better than brush paint on wood. It will take a short time to paint and dry also.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s time to end up the best spray paint for wood furniture but before that, I want to concern something that will be effective for you. These 7 spray paints are world-class and trendy paint sprayers in the entire world. I choose these 7 because I found these paints are impressive and suggested by paint experts.

Also, I provided a buying guide to consider some topics before purchasing any wood spray paint. If you need my recommendation, I can prefer you Rust-Oleum Multi-Purpose Spray Paint, Krylon SUPER MAXX Spray Paint, and Rust-Oleum American Accents Spray Paint.

These 3 are very top-rated and provides authentic paint. As for now, thank you so much for supporting us via this article and hopefully you will support us in the future.

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