Top 4 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers 2022: Top Picks & Reviews

While undertaking a painting job, whether it’s a professional or DIY project, cordless paint spraying is the way to go. However, among hundreds of different models, choosing the most compatible and convenient sprayer is not easy. Along with the budget, comfort, lightweight, durability, versatile functionality, as well as the performance of the paint sprayers, are some of the factors needed to be considered before making the purchase. This review is a complete guide on what to look for before buying cordless sprayers and the best cordless paint sprayers currently available on the market.

Best cordless paint sprayer Reviews

1. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless

The Graco 17M363 cordless model is suitable for both interior and exterior usage, and specifically designed for small painting jobs. It has a wide variety of working range and can work with spray patterns straight, up, down, at an angle and even upside down. It comes with a fast pro-connect pump for a better replacement system, pro-control II is used to adjust the motor speed, and advanced pressure control system. Even with a powerful DeWalt 20V battery, this model is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver, giving a perfect airless finish for any small surface area. It works with water and oil-based coatings and mineral spirits, without needing to thin them. Overall, the Graco cordless model is a quality cordless paint sprayer for both professionals and home projects, due to its compact design, powerful and efficient paint spray system.


  1. Lightweight and Ultimate portability.
  2. Great number of spray patterns available.
  3. Adjustable paint flow.
  4. Provides great coverage and overall finish.
  5. Great for small DIY projects.
  6. Easy to use device and Fully repairable.


  1. Smaller tank size.
  2. The battery needs a frequent recharge.

2. Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra Max

The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 paint sprayer is an airless, handheld, lightweight model. Durable stainless steel coupled with carbide components and high strength polymer makes it one of th. The Ultra Max comes with additional tips to make it more versatile and it’s compatible with hot solvent based products. It has less overspray, no thinning needed, and only need one coat for smooth coverage and perfect finish. This Graco Paint Sprayer is the only model that is approved to spray solvents, flammable based materials, latex based paints and water. It’s overall very easy to use and great for any type of project, both in an interior or exterior setting. This is a contractor grade item that makes it perfect for large projects. Even though the price may seem a little bit high, but the product quality surely makes up for it.


  1. Lightweight, Versatile and Great durability.
  2. Hot solvent compatible.
  3. Great control and pressure adjustability.
  4. Easier to clean and maintain.
  5. No clogging and Less overspray.
  6. Suited for large projects.


  1. It is quite Expensive.

3. Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro II Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro

The Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro II is an affordable cordless paint sprayer that achieves the best spray finish with thin and thick materials by simply adjusting the pressure. Just like any other battery operated paint sprayer, it’s designed for small DIY projects. It comes with two durable 20V lithium-ion batteries that are responsible for its portability. The TrueCoat Pro II model also features its very own technology called “Tilt-N-Spray suction tube,” which allows users to spray at 45-degree angle up or down.

The spraying unit is compatible with various painting materials which ensure maximum coverage with just one coat. This sprayer from Graco is a good buy because the parts can be easily replaced, and there’s no need to invest in a brand new sprayer if something goes wrong, just replace the component or part. Overall, it might be out of some homeowners’ price range, but it’s perfect sprayer for professional painters and contractors who want a powerful tool for painting.


  1. Highly portable and Superior finish.
  2. No need to dilute or use paint thinner.
  3. Durable and efficient.
  4. Adjustable pressure.
  5. Easy to use.


  1. Requires frequent filling.
  2. Short battery life.

4. Graco TC Pro Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco TC Pro

The Graco TC Pro cordless is one of the best airless painting machines and being handled and offering effective spray is what makes this a popular choice as the second or additional paint sprayers for professional painting task. This unit comes complete with a TC pro 514 reversible tip, pump armor storage fluid, flex line bags, VacuValve caps, 60 mesh filter, plus the DeWalt battery and charger.

The tips are TC pro tips with precision cut; provides an airless finish. The 60-mesh filter present in the paint gun effectively prevents paint clogging. The notable feature of this paint player is that it offers immaculate finishing at any speeds, even without thinning of paint, it can work with even solid paint materials easily. The components of this sprayer are made of stainless steel which makes it durable and longer lasting. All these features with effective use make it the most versatile paint sprayer out there.


  1. Lightweight and Durable construction.
  2. No thinning required.
  3. Easy to clean and maintain.
  4. No paint clogging.
  5. Very low overspray.
  6. Perfect airless finish.


  1. Little expensive.
  2. Small paint container capacity.

Cordless or Handheld? What is the Difference?

Cordless paint sprayers are battery operated with a portable paint spraying system. Whereas, handheld sprayers aren’t battery operated and run on electricity by plugging a cord into a power outlet or attaching a built-in hose.

Compared to cordless, handheld offers a great value for money. Also, the power or force of spraying is much greater in electric models. However, due to its portability and ease of use, cordless is more efficient and suitable for indoor painting, smaller scale home projects. Also, cordless gives a perfect finishing touch without leaving marks.

Benefits of a Cordless Paint Spray Gun

Preferring a paint sprayer to a roller or brush has several advantages. As a powerful tool, cordless spray paint gun gets the job done similar to a pro in less time even.


The most prominent benefit of a cordless spray paint gun, the job can be done lightning fast. It can easily cover large surfaces with smooth, even coats of paint, even if the surface is uneven or textured. Also, getting the painting job done faster saves a lot of headaches and physical strain.


Cordless sprayers are relatively lightweight and easier to move around. They can be moved in any direction, or any angle, which gives greater precision control, means that just about anyone can use them.

Greater Reach 

Not having cords, the increased mobility also translates into greater reach. Cordless sprayers can easily access small areas as well as large areas, even painting outside within a short period.

Superior Finish 

The cordless designs, with their specially designed pumps and great airing options, release a fine mist. The end result is a precise and perfectly smooth finish. That remains true even if the surface itself is uneven, textured or difficult to work with. This is the best benefit of using this sprayer as people can paint their window frames, stairs, and other stains on furniture.


Variety is another great advantage of a paint sprayer over a brush or a roller. Professional painters, contractors and homeowners use different types and sizes of paint sprayers as various types are available at a reasonable cost.

Cost Effective 

Cordless sprayers may not be super cheap, but a smooth, high-quality paint job from a trained professional may cost way more than that. While a cordless paint sprayer is no substitute for training and experience, the quality of the tool does make it easier for the average DIYer to get professional-quality results on their own.

Less Dripping

Since the control and precision are greater with the cordless sprayers, there is less dripping overall, which means less waste of paint materials. This saves a lot of money and fewer paint splatters to clean.

Buying Guide

While buying the sprayer, it can feel overwhelming to choose from so many different models currently on the market. For that, determine first what job is it for, as different work demands different types of sprayers. Then there’re also some other factors to be considered for making a smart purchase. This buying guide is exclusively included here keeping that in mind.

Battery Quality

As cordless sprayers don’t have cords or hoses and use batteries for power supply, the most important part to consider is the quality and capacity of the batteries. In the quality of the battery, the rechargeable point is necessary. Buy a battery that holds up under a lot of use, and different weather. The battery capacity is important as well. Look for a battery that has great reviews. Look at how long the average charge time is on the battery, and how long the battery will run on that charge time. Ask the seller and read the manual at the same time to ensure these points.

Power Level

To become a versatile paint gun, speed and power level play a key role. The power of any cordless tool rests on a pretty simple equation, the ability of the tool to convert energy limited to the output of the battery into power to do the job. So, look for the capacity and how it runs fast or not, so pay attention to the saver model and figure out the ideal match of power. Try to find a cordless paint sprayer that does it most efficiently to offer the greatest spraying power. But, not all jobs require a maximum amount in applying paint, some may require a steady and relatively weak stream. It’s all about the control and the situation.


When looking for a sprayer, keep in mind who is using it. Choosing a lightweight one that anyone can use, could save tons of money. The easier to move around, the better it is. Look for sprayers with ergonomically designed handles, as they were made specifically with that in mind. With that said, the gun needs to be lightweight, or else your wrists will get sore with just a few minutes of usage. The more lightweight means simpler storage, and maneuverability.

Price and Warranty

Currently, there are low, high, and mid-range models available in the market. High priced models tend to have better quality with convenient features, but there are also bargain models which are good for value. Determining the budget beforehand and looking for sprayers catering to it’s a better strategy. But, high priced paint sprayers aren’t only for professionals, plenty of users buy the expensive paint sprayers and use them just fine. There are a lot of convenience features for the price that goes in with the bulk of the modernized mechanics and accessories.

Cordless and battery operated machines can break or hang easily, whether it’s paint sprayers or any other product. That’s why checking the warranty before buying is a must. A warranty that offers, replacement parts or replacement of sprayer, is great sign of a good warranty.

Easy to Maintain 

Finding a sprayer that is easy to use, is worth the money. It must be easy to unbox, plugin, and use. Painting is already a messy job, it gets all over everything. It also makes a mess of the gun internally. Cleaning a paint sprayer can be a time-intensive job. Find a paint sprayer that is easy and fast to clean and that isn’t going to leave a lot of paint residue inside that will mix in with whatever color of paint to be used the next time. Also, better paint sprayers are designed to make swapping out parts easy, simple and fast. It should be simple to store and to clean up.

Paint Flow

There are times when the job requires faster painting, also there’s time when it’s better to paint slowly. The paint flow will determine what kind of projects can be done smoothly with the sprayer. With a pressure control, the spray fan can be adjusted being produced to ensure even coverage without drips or runs. Make sure the sprayer can do a variety of projects, making it cost effective.

Spray Patterns

An ideal sprayer will handle horizontal, vertical and circular spray patterns. In most of the circular patterns, they also have the diameter range, so there’s a total of four patterns. Just like nozzles, more is better to have the greatest experience.

The products should come with a selection of tips, choose the tip according to the project requirement. Each tip works with different materials, so a product that is compatible with various tip selections will add extra versatility. There are generic tips available for most models and buying generic does save money, however, generic tips are also more likely to fail or produce inconsistent spray patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are paint sprayers better than rollers?

Using a paint sprayer rather than traditional rollers is definitely faster. It also leads to more consistent results, saves time, and requires less effort. Sprayers have wider range of use, as they can be used with oil, latex, and really thick paints. Painting surfaces with lots of crevices also better suited for sprayers than rollers.

Are paint sprayers good for indoor use?

Yes, they are. People from all over the world already using paint sprayers to color the interiors of their homes. However, keep in mind a couple of things, such as wearing protective gear, keeping room ventilated, and always testing the pressure and calibration of the sprayer before using it.

How often should the tip of a cordless paint sprayer be changed?

The frequency of changing the tip of a cordless spraying unit is determined by factors such as the type of painting material used, the frequency of use, cleaning and maintenance, and the filters used in a sprayer. However, it’s recommended to change the tip after around 7-10 gallons for a well-maintained tip.

How often should the cordless sprayer be cleaned?

It should be thoroughly cleaned after every use. The filters, housing, gun and tip, every single thing also needs to be cleaned.

What should do if someone accidentally sprays himself?

Skin injection can be a serious problem. Keep in mind that the spraying may be up to 3000 PSI. It might just look like a cut, but potentially injecting oneself with paint, can be a serious injury. In that case, consult a doctor immediately.

Is it necessary to wear safety equipment while painting?

As a rule, never use an airless paint sprayer without putting on safety equipment. This is because paint fumes can be hazardous and the over spray many airless paint sprayers usually produce can be massive. Because of this, any painter should use either a simple spray mask or a respirator and wear safety clothing that covers the whole body in order to prevent toxic fumes from entering the body.

Final Verdict

Cordless sprayers may be relatively modern addition in painting, but the world has already embraced the innovation wholeheartedly. Greater mobility and time efficiency are the main motivators behind cordless paint sprayer usage. Also with additional features and versatile accessories, sprayer guns offer a convenient way of painting. Now anyone can work on their dream DIY project, without being a professional themselves. Buying a quality sprayer will help on both interior and exterior, larger and smaller projects. Hopefully, this review will help to give an idea about the best cordless paint sprayers out there.

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