Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray – High gloss clear coat for cars

Who doesn’t want to keep his car looking; streamlined, aerodynamic, and consummate? Obviously, we want that, but sometimes we are unable; because the car doesn’t come with a durable clear coat.

The clear coat might be a thinly layered paint, but it plays a crucial, resistance, and protective role. For this intention, you have to apply the best automotive clear coat spray can paint on your automotive objects.

Or else you can’t be able to protect your car from dust, dirt, heat, abrasion, corrosion, and UV rays. An essential buying guide and types of clear coat paints are added for your convenience obtaining.

7 Best Automotive Clear Coat Sprays Can Reviews

You desired to keep your car delightful, but you can’t keep the car as new as it before for a long time. Fortunately, there have some ways to keep your car newfangled. In this case, you will require the best automotive clear coat spray can.

When you apply these paints on your automotive parts or car exterior, your car will look better than ever and brand new. Especially these 7 paints are the best clear coat spray paint for cars, but you can use them for other purposes too.

1. USC Spray Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear (Max 2K)

USC Spray Glamour

After tough research about USC paint, I found a specific, clear coating spray, USC Spray Max 2K Glamour spray paint. With high-quality paint and eye-catching design, this spray literally can paint any kind of object.

Paint style is high-gloss clear types, which means it has enough abilities to make your car polished, lustrous, and radiant. Overall, the features and components are pretty reliable and worthy.

Spray Max glamour spray paint is ensures extremely long-lasting high gloss on the car parts even other objects too. Talk about the polish and durable finish, this paint is a magnificent one.

The most satisfactory part is; it can resist number of elements such as abrasion, scratching, weather, chemical, and more. High-gloss is made with high-quality sparkle materials, which ensure the brightness and shininess more than any other clear coat paint.

It is suitable for wicker, metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, and more. Because this paint is specially made for automotive items, it will be better if you apply it to your car parts. Spray Nozzle is so comfortable to press and spray can size is pretty adjustable and comfy to hold.


  • The paint formula is massive durable
  • Color is so sparkle and eye-catchy
  • Easy to use
  • Nozzle brings more comfortability


  • Price is a little bit costly

2. Dupli-Color Exact-Match Automotive Top Coat spray paint

Dupli-Color Exact-Match

Not only Dupli color is best for metallic paints also delivers tremendous spray paint on the automotive coat. Automotive coat paint isn’t similar to other conventional paint; the difference is resistance quality and stability.

Dupli color exact match automotive spray paint provides authentic and durable quality paint. Over 75 colors are available for you such as humped green, universal color, clear bright coat, and more.

You can say this paint is available in every OEM exact-match color. Mainly, this spray paint comes in 12 several styles including Honda, Ford, Chrysler.

It is a professional automotive topcoat spray paint, but beginners can paint with it too. If you are searching for an incredible and ideal paint for large touch-ups, vehicle accessories, motorcycles then this one is perfectly suggested.

For a smooth and remarkable finish this premium Automotive Paint will be worthy for you. For wide spray pattern, smooth design, and coats a very comfy nozzle is adjusted with the paint can.

Further, for better convenience, you can move the nozzle up to 360 degrees direction. It ensures maximum coverage limitation paint and provides a rapid-fire dry time limit, about 30 minutes.


  • You can move EZ Touch Nozzle easily
  • Premium automotive paint
  • Ensures maximum coverage
  • Quick-drying paint


  • Colors aren’t so shiny

3. POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint

POR-15 45718 Top Coat

Want to make your car more elegant and overwhelming? You should try POR topcoat clear spray paint in this case. I have seen a lot of cars that look more alluring after applying this paint. Even they use this paint on their car rims, exterior car, headlights, and more.

The reason for it becoming a trendy spray paint, it delivered bona fide, authoritative, and trustworthy paint quality. In this aerosol spray paint, 12 various colors are available to choose from. Some unique colors like Red oxide, Chassis black, safety orange.

Mainly, this paint is specially made for metal items, so this paint is very appropriate with automotive parts and other metal furniture. The most convenient part, you don’t need to buy extra Primer or Undercoat with this paint.

Primer is already added to the paint formula for stronger and more stable paint. Also, POR-15 paint assures the DTM Rust Preventive paint and it is highly UV resistant spray paint. Remember, for smooth surfaces, you must clean your object before applying paint. Dry time is quite impressive, about 20-30 minutes.


  • Ensures fast drying feature
  • Best to use on metal items
  • Heavily UV resistance
  • It will prevent the rust effortlessly


  • It’s expensive paint to buy

4. KBS Coatings 8114 Clear High Gloss Diamond spray paint

KBS Coatings 8114 Clear High Gloss

This is an optimum paint and if you want diamond sparkle on your car; definitely KBS Coatings 8114 will be superior for you. KBS diamond spray paint is popular for bright colors and high glossy surfaces.

Two various colors are available for you, Clear Satin and Clear high-gloss. Both paints deliver such smooth and elegant paint. Diamond Finish Clearcoat is the only paint, which is formulated to apply directly to your steel objects.

You don’t need to add primer and pre-paint before applying this paint.

It’s two in one clear coat paint because it will protect your steel and that time it will bring a glossy finish too. You can complete surface painting with minimal surface prep.

Diamond finish spray paint is the most persistent and tough paint than any other clear coat paint. Its paint is as clear as water and so its nozzle is so flexible to use. Indeed, it can perform in a rough and tough environment and can resist countenance from yellowing, cracking, or peeling.

Further, it will protect from UV rays and resist chemicals. Overall, this is a worthy clear coat paint for your automotive items.


  • Protection power is much praisable
  • Resistance quality is magnificent
  • Color is so bright and sparkle
  • Overall, a worthy clear coat


  • Can spray tip might be efforts

5. Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating

Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating

Here is the most trendy and supportive high-gloss coating paint, Maxima 78920. For a thick and stable clear coat, this paint is so impressive. Overall, the quantity, coverage limit, dry-up time, is so admirable and outstanding.

High gloss SC1 Clear Coat is specially made for the power sports industry, I mean for sports automotive purposes. Its formula is added in that way so it can adjust the metal item correctly. But you can use it on plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces comfortably, it supports these objects too.

Interestingly, it ensures the cleanup process easier way and it is an ideal paint to use on M/C and ATV fenders.

M/C and ATV fenders are suitable because they will prevent the mud and dirt from plastic, metal, and other specific goods. Maxima SC1 is a water-resistant clear coat and also abrasion and corrosion-resistant paint.

For long-lasting luster, shine, and fresh clean scent this paint is a terrific one. This is a beloved paint for the motor racer and I think you should try it once.


  • Best paint for racing vehicles
  • Highly water resistance
  • Superior formula added in the paint
  • Price is affordable


  • Can’t use on damaged items

6. U-Pol Products 0796 Clear High Gloss Coat

U-Pol Products 0796 Clear High Gloss Coat

You might have seen numerous clear high gloss coats but I assure you this one will be marvelous. If you want high-quantity paint in one single spray can this one will be perfect for you.

The U-pol high clear coat is an upcoming super-major paint in the market. Because of its shiny and attractive paint color, it becomes a desirable one. It blends easily and produces existing 2K clear coats.

Best compatible clear coat with water-based base coats. With one spray can you will get a minimum of 450ML paint.

I think this amount of paint is enough to paint out your automotive parts. Splendidly, it will protect your car from UV rays and the sun’s heat. It ensures the quick spray tip and convenient spray can.


  • Affordable price but a huge amount of paint
  • Double clear coat paint
  • Easy to use
  • Protect from UV rays


  • Might be opposite of typical clear coat

7. Speedokote SMR-130/75-KM Automotive Clear Coat paint

Speedokote SMR

Honestly, this is a clear coat but not a spray paint can. For spraying purposes, you have to use a spray gun with it. Speedokote Gallon Clearcoat is the best paint for automotive and best for a quick project.

It’s a universal durable clear paint and it will dry up rapidly if you apply the paint on 65 – 80 deg. F. weather temp. It ensures a super quick cure. High Gloss and DOI is the main formula, which is applied in this paint.

Its resistance quality is brilliant; because it provides UV resistance in excellent and tough weathering. Easy Buffing and fast dry 2K urethane make it an exceptional and sensational clear coat.


  • High-speed drying paint
  • Promises UV resistance
  • Top-quality formula added
  • Easy Buffing


  • This isn’t a spray paint

Things to Consider Before Buying Automotive Clear Coat Spray Can

Automotive clear coat paint doesn’t stay as the same formula; rather it always changes the paint formula because of new branded car material types. Paint manufacturers are trying to bring more reliable and comfortable paint for objects. So that paint can stay longer time on the items.

But there have some components which never change in the paint. For this reason, you have to consider these things before you purchase any best clear coat spray can for you.


First of all, compatibility is genuinely needed in paint, otherwise, your paint won’t suit your metal items. You should accentuate and be aware of the paint and your item elements.

Consider quietly about will these two will tolerate each other or not. If you realize; this paint doesn’t have enough compatibility with your objects then definitely you have to turn on other paint that will take care of your automotive item.

Application factors

The question is why you should apply this paint on your automotive items? It’s crucial to know the application factors of high-gloss coat paint otherwise you will not understand the benefits of it.

The major reason for the paint application is; it will protect your objects from dust, dirt, rain, sunlight, heat, and more. More resistance will ensure such as like abrasion, corrosion, and more. So, before buying a spray paint make sure it has enough positive application factors.

Application pattern

Numerous from us; we want to use the paint with a specific or designable pattern. While applying paint with a pattern, spray paint is the best choice. On the other hand, brush paint isn’t much seemly to paint with a pattern.

One more thing, nozzle makes a great convenient impact during pattern painting. As for trying to purchase easy nozzle enables spray paint.

Promised protection

Naturally, we believe in the beauty of colors, but one thing we forget to consider. That thing is the protection abilities of paint. If you bought paint and that doesn’t resist the heat, and can’t protect your car from dust, dirt’s that will be a real disaster.

Some major things our car always passed, such as UV rays, sunlight, sand, molds, and more. Above all, before you purchase any automobile clear coat please consider will it promises protection from rains, molds, heat, corrosion, abrasions, UV rays, Scratch free, and other crucial protections or not.

Level of gloss

I think you know that gloss paint brings shininess and sparkles to our cars. More level of gloss promises more attractiveness, that’s the reason you should choose more glossy color paint instead of ordinary paints.

Glossy paint also ensures smooth finish surfaces. For adequate finish ask your seller if your chosen paint is glossy style paint or not. One more thing, metallic color provides great glossy color, but the satin doesn’t provide.

Damage and Yellowing Resistance

Yellowing is one of the worst issues that everybody faces while painting their automotive items. This happens because of the low-quality formula-based paint. But sometimes it happens because of tarnish and rain.

So, you have to choose yellowing resistance paint, for instance, Krylon and Dupli color paints always come with yellowing resistance. You can choose your paint from these branded paints.

As for damage resistance like secrete, peel out are the major problems. For this issue, consider the damaging resistant paint while purchasing.


Obviously, price always does matter while purchasing any best clear coat. You shouldn’t buy ordinary paint by paying lots of money. Generally, a top clear coat doesn’t cost more than 10-25 bucks.

If you want to choose an expensive spray can then probably it will cost you 25-29bucks. Otherwise, if you want an average price auto clear coat then hopefully it will not cost you more than 10-15 bucks. So, don’t pay a higher price initially, consider the market price first.

Types of Automotive Clear Coats

For better and remarkable paint; automotive clear coats come in various types. One more reason it has, every car goods doesn’t make from the same material. As for adjustability; various manufacturers try to bring several types of automotive clear coats.

Top clear coat: It is a regular and most usual clear coat. Also, it is known as the basic top clear coat paint. The top clear coat is perfect promises a smooth coat and also glossy color. It is beneficial and easy to polish than other coats.

Glamour clear coat: Basically, a glamour clear coat takes a longer time to dry, but it assuredly promises the most durable paint on objects. Also, its resistance quality is pretty admirable.

Turbo clear coat: This automotive clear coat is normally used on racing cars. The repairing workshop uses this coat mostly because it takes a quick time to be dry. Remember, for glossy finishes you have to polish it highly.

Higher solid clear coat: If you want hard and thicker paint then this one is perfectly suitable for you. This paint is generally expensive and it takes a lot of time to be dry up.

Euro clear coat: The euro clear coat is the best for heat resistance. A little bit expensive but delivers high authentic and superior paint. Interestingly, if you produce the heat on the paint, it will dry rapidly.

How Do You Spray A Clear Coat From A Can?

Spraying a clear coat from a can isn’t so tough for beginners and armatures. If you have a comfortable and best spray that can clear coat then you can complete the paint more easily.

Think first about the pattern or design you want to give on your objects. After applying the pattern, take your best spray clear coat and take a demo on unusual items like paper and grass.

Hold the can correctly and check the nozzle’s easiness. Find out how your nozzle reacts while pressing the spray button. Then start spraying on your object but apply a thin coat first.

Can I Wax Clear Coat Paint?

Cars steels are going thin to thinner and their paint comes with the thick coat too. Of course, you can wax the clear coat paint from your car, but you have to rub that politely. Or else you could damage your car materials.

Now don’t worry about it, because nowadays car manufactures an ultra-protective layer before using the clear coat. As for this, you can wax your car easily. If you saw that waxing takes more damage to your car, then avoid hard and heavy objects.

Will Car Washes Damage Clear Coat Paint?

Not really, but if your paint is cheap is unreliable then there has some chances to damage clear coat paint. We know that clear coat paint isn’t heavy paint ponderous paint.

We use a thin coat on our cars as for this if you apply cheap coat then normally that will peel out. But if you choose some persistent clear coat like POR-15 45718 and Dupli-Color BCL0125 spray paint, then the paint will not damage after wash.

Therefore, avoid using hard objects while washing rather, you should use a soft towel or soft cloths with soap water.

How To Spray A Clear Coat Without Orange Peel Correctly?

There have some reasons you face orange peel. Such as spraying with the wrong spray gun setting, without seeing weather temperature while applying paint, and using paint fluid mixture.

These are the first things you have to avoid if you want to spray a clear coat without the orange peel. After avoiding these things, you have to do some simple things like maintaining uniformity in pressure.

Check the ambient temperature correctly, choose a perfect nozzle size, and keep distance your surface from the paint mixture. If you follow this method properly, I assure you can spray a superb spray clear coat without the orange peel.

Final Thoughts

Generally, we must need the best automotive clear coat spray for our automotive objects. Because you can’t disobey its enduring quality with metals. Automotive clear coat formulated especially for cars, rims, engines, wheels, headlights, and other car accessories.

I justified some crucial matters about clear coat paint, how to use it, how to apply it, what to avoid, which are the best paint, and more. I think these are regular questions you get; while coating your car. For instance, you should read clear coating tips correctly and also I added a quality-full clear coat buying guide for you.

For choosing a recommendation, take Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating and POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss because these are the best paint to buy. Above all, thank you for spending your precious time.

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